Meditation is a practice, that is frequently discussed in this era.

Perhaps you are an active meditator, who has found a substantial amount of peace, healing and relief.

Mediation was something that was always hard for me to do.

I’m someone that deals with anxiety, and I was always told that, meditation is a practice; that would help me relieve myself from any stress or anxiety, that I may have been feeling.

I would try to meditate, making sure that I get in a comfortable state. But every time I would close my eyes, I never felt at peace.

All that would run though my mind were my heavy thoughts, and my anxious worries.

I ended up saying to myself, “Perhaps meditation  isn’t for me.” So I stopped meditating, and continued to smoke weed.

I have been smoking weed since I was a teenager, and I have watched the habit, transform it’s presence in my life.

It went from being a fun social habit, to a stress relieving habit, to an anxiety relieving habit; to a bad habit.

During this quarantine I said to myself you know what; I have two options,

“I can either go through this situation, or I can grow through this situation.”

And I decided to grow through it; and I also decided to stop smoking weed.

In return, I randomly found myself meditating.

I said it was random…. because it was!

It was almost as if, a spirit within, urged me to start my meditation journey.

I found myself putting on a meditation recording, laying back, and allowing my mind and body to be at ease.

After meditating the first time, I got up and felt so refreshed that I smiled. I said to myself, this is going to be a healthy practice, that I will integrate into my life.

I now meditate everyday, and in this short amount of time I have gained clarity, manifested some wishes, and relieved my anxiety.

I also realized how hard on myself I can be, especially when it comes to my career.

I began sharing my meditation journey with some of  my friends, and one of my friends commended me for walking along this path.

But she also stated something to me, that I wanted to state to you, she said,

“Remember it’s not about the length of meditation, but the quality of the meditation” and that resonated with me.

If you are currently dealing with anxiety, stress or even depression during this pandemic, I encourage you to try to meditate.

If you’re someone like me, that is always thinking about their dreams or their career; I encourage you to try to meditate.

I know that this quarantine period has been tough for many people. But every hardship in life, is preparing you for a breakthrough. And pushing you to become the person, that you came on this earth to be.

Anytime you might feel down, always remember that YOU MATTER, and that you were put on this earth for a reason.

Even if you may not know exactly what that reason is yet.

As any tough time in life, this too shall pass.

What is also super helpful, is journaling.

Journaling is a great way to get your thoughts out, to reflect, and to make sense of how you are feeling.

It’s also great to look back on your journal entries, and see how far you have come!


It would be great to hear in the comment section,  your journey with meditation.

What made you start to meditate?

Has meditation been helpful for you?

If you don’t meditate, can you see yourself meditating after hearing my story?

Share your story below, because there is power in sharing your own story!

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