Human beings are social creatures.

Whether you categorize yourself as an introvert, or an extrovert; both types of people, enjoy positive social interactions. Especially with the people, that matter to us the most.

Which is why many people are having a hard time quarantining; and staying inside during this Coronavirus pandemic.

But in order to truly progress in life.  In order to take your growth to the next level. In order to crush those 2020 goals that you wrote down in the beginning of the year; isolation is required.

You see; you need isolation to learn more about yourself.

You need periods of isolation, to learn new skills, and to further your personal growth.

You need periods of isolation, to heal on those past traumas; and to reflect on your journey thus far.

You need periods of isolation, to create, and to discover hidden talents that you didn’t even know you possessed.

You need periods of isolation, to revaluate your career path. To figure out if you are truly doing what you love; and what you came on this earth to do.

Isolation allows you to get more connected to your WHY.

Why were you sent on this earth?

And what are you striving to do to positively change it?

Embrace moments where you are forced to be in isolation, because it’s in these moments where you will reach your highest potential.

It’s in these moments, where you will learn what your purpose is.

And it’s in these moments where you will elevate, and prosper!

Yes, this period of isolation has been forced upon you, but it teachers you the concept of surrender, that you are not in fully in control. Once you learn this concept, your life will start to change for the better.

To the Key To Fashion community, remember that we are all in this together.

We can all either go through this, or grow through this, and collectively we will all grow through this.

Take care of yourself, engage in self-care, and don’t forget to thrift!

We are lucky that we are in an era, where not only can you thrift in person, but you can also thrift online.✨

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