The News…

As a child, I remember my grandmother would watch The Oprah Show every afternoon at 4pm.

Once the show was done, at 5pm the news would always come on,  and I remember as a child my energy immediately shifting.

I always felt uneasy, and very unsettled.

As I got older, I realized that the news shows more negativity than positivity.

The news is used as a tool to scare and control the American people, not to support us.

I was a child, when I felt this energy; let that marinate in your mind for a little.

Now, I know many of you all have been watching the news every single day, since we are in a pandemic.

You find yourself turning on the news, or going online to check every news outlet, learning more about the coronavirus, and scaring yourself more in the process.

Stressing yourself out more in the process.

Causing more anxiety for yourself, in the process.

Do yourself a favor, and stop watching the news.

Now, I’m not saying to not stay up to date with what is going on. I’m not saying to live under a rock.

But create healthy boundaries for yourself.

Take time off from watching the news. Take time off from researching what is going on. Especially when the reality is, not much is going to change right now.

You have to realize that the news is not meant to inform you, but to scare you.

Once you realize that, once you shift your mindset, your relationship with the news will change.

I do not watch the news.

To be transparent Fashion Icons, I have no idea what the current coronavirus count is in my state, and I’m not going to check it every single day either.

I refuse to constantly plague my mind with negativity, and lower my vibration.

If you want things to change in your life, if you want things to get better, if you want to manifest your dreams or your goals; it all starts with your vibration.


Strive to create healthy boundaries with yourself and the news.

If you are someone that has been watching the news everyday, and you’re noticing the impact it has been having on your wellbeing, create a boundary.

The best thing you can learn in this pandemic, is doing what is best for you.

And that is the truth.

Fashion Icons, I wish you all well, and I hope you all found this post helpful. I truly do.

As always, you all must remember that, this too shall pass.

But take care of yourself in the process, and your mental health


Key Michel

The creator of Key To Fashion 💜✨

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