The Rise Of Shein at Thrift Stores

By: Key Michel It is no secret that social media has established a tremendous impact on the fashion world. Currently in modern day, a trends lifecycle ends a lot quicker due to the massive impact social media has on consumers. When there are new trends, people are quick to follow them; and one of the … Continue Reading

The Negative Environmental Impacts That Are Sparked By Used Clothes & Fast Fashion

By: Key Michel A common controversy in the resale fashion industry is the notion of thrifters and resellers stealing from the poor. While at times the criticism is stemming from genuine concern; it can also be a dose of good ole performative activism. Similar to many aspects in life, thrifting and shopping secondhand is abundant. … Continue Reading

Donating Discarded Used Clothing To Improvised Countries, Can Impact One’s Self Esteem

By: Key Michel Donating clothing will always be an act of service that is needed and valued in our society. Whether your donating to your local thrift store; or organizations for people in improvised countries; anything is better than putting them in landfills. The thing is, there is a question regarding this action that still … Continue Reading

Vintage Anyone? The Best Vintage Styling Tips For Your Personal Style

By: Key Michel Vintage styles are a unique way of going back in time. Allowing you to relive decades that you may have once lived through; or decades you have only lived through from your vivid imagination. While time machines don’t exist, vintage clothing does; and with thrifting being on the rise; the demand for … Continue Reading

Sequins Anyone? | 6 Vintage Sequin Styles To Slay The Streets

By: Key Michel (Click name for IG) It’s Sequin Season! A time for magical and bedazzled looks. Sequin styles are a favorite to wear amongst fashion lovers in the fall, winter; and the holiday season. These delicate ensembles are the perfect statement piece to slay any holiday party. They are a great style essential to … Continue Reading

How To Find Unique Vintage Clothing

By: Key Michel Some may thrift for basics. Some may thrift for name brand items. Some may thrift for luxury; and others may thrift for vintage! Vintage clothing is growing exponentially amongst both millennials and gen-z. These clothing items allow these generations to take a walk back in time, with their timeless styles and looks. … Continue Reading

5 Items That Can Be A Hit Or Miss At The Thrift Stores

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Resale Fashion Trends To Explore

In the past few years, the resale fashion realm has grown exponentially; proving that it’s not only here to stay, but it’s here to spark change in what people buy, what people wear; and how people view fashion and personal style. There are a few trends in the industry that you should know about; especially … Continue Reading

5 Eye-catching Poses For The Best Fashion Photography

By: Key Michel Taking pictures is one of the best ways to capture a moment in time; but sometimes people dislike taking pictures because of how they look in them. Many people create these really limiting beliefs about not being photogenic, or about not being someone that can pose well in pictures. After reading this … Continue Reading