By: Key Michel

Personal style is all about aligning yourself to what’s true to you; while taking daring risk and experimenting with fashion. The risk you take in fashion challenge your personal style; while keeping your style journey fun, fresh; and adventurous. I love taking risks with my personal style, and I hope that after reading this article you feel compelled and inspired to take your own fashion risks.

Here are the 5 Fashion Risk

Experimenting With More Jewelry

I’m excited to cultivate a versatile jewelry collection this year; that consist of more necklaces, rings and bracelets. I have a lot of earrings, and some necklaces; but I would want to expand on styling more chunky statement necklaces, bracelet, and rings. In addition, I want to discover new ways to layer my jewelry.

My intention is to come up with new ways to style my jewelry that I’ve never tried before; to create more juxtaposition, and to experiment with chunky jewelry. Also, I desire to experiment with creative layering; and pay keene attention to the jewelry that I wear.

Out Of The Box Monochromatic Styles

I love a monochromatic outfit that is unique in color, shade, texture, or possess accessories that match the entire look; and I’m inspired to take more risk with this style hack this year. I will certainly be taking more risk to create monochromatic styles that have juxtaposition in texture.

Trying New Hairstyles

I love to switch it up; and try new hairstyles with my hair; but lately it has been the fro and only the fro. I think that my hairstyles play a huge role in my personal self-expression; and style story; so I’m excited to experiment with my hairstyles this year.

More Up-cycling & Learn How To Sew

I started up-cycling in 2021; but my risk is to build upon the skill; to learn how to sew; and to be consistent. Currently, I own a few thrifted pieces that are missing buttons, or I imagine an alternative vision for; and I would love to bring all those creative visions to life. I would love to sew my own clothes; and expand on my creativity.

The 80s Georges Barhel black jacket pictured is missing a button; so I plan on changing all of the buttons

More Intentional Shopping

Last year, I learned the importance of intentional shopping; and the beneficial effects upon my shopping experience had been life-changing. The risk that I’m currently taking is to increase my intentionality by focusing on purchasing items from my vintage fashion bucket list; and the items that I know I need.

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