The Societal Pressure To Dress Like Everyone Else

By: Key Michel Many of us in the fashion world, have heard the classic quotes such as, ”Fashion fades, Only style remains the same” – Co co Chanel or “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess”.- Edna Woolman Chase. These quotes hold truths; and strongly emphasize the importance of personal style. The thing is, … Continue Reading

10 Summer Style Tips If You Gained A Little Weight

By: Key Michel The summer season is right around the corner; and the body examinations will also be at an all time high. Summer is one of those timeframes where in the midst of all the excitement for the season; many people feel this serious pressure to have the perfect summer body. Let’s say you … Continue Reading

2022 Is The Year Of The Tiger

By: Key Michel (Click name for IG) Animal Print is a staple trend that will always be around; and this year it is all about the tiger stripes. Tiger stripes will be a popular trend in 2022; especially for the winter and spring seasons. The coincidental factor is that, for the 2022 Chinese New Year; … Continue Reading