By: Key Michel

Everyone has and will feel insecure about something in their life. The range of insecurities can go back to one’s childhood, one’s teenage years; or their adult lives. The thing with insecurities is although they are normal; it is unfortunate how they can hold people back by a chock hold.

Insecurities can limit people from being their most authentic self; and from realizing their own personal power. Insecurities can cause people to compare themselves to others; while simultaneously disregarding how amazing they truly are.

When it comes to personal style, some people struggle with it because they lack self-awareness; but most people struggle due to their own insecurities.

Negative beliefs about one’s body frame is a common insecurity for many; which holds a lot of people back from finding their own personal style. Caring about the opinions of others; and whether people will fancy their outfits; hinders many people from finding their personal style.

Being scared to step outside of the box, and keeping up with the joneses; hinders many people from finding their personal style. A lack of self-love, hinders people from finding their own personal style.

This list can go on and on; but you get the point. You can completely conceptualize how one’s insecurities can hold them back from finding and embracing their personal style.

While some of these insecurities can be modified such as your weight, if that is your desire; they can also be modified with self-acceptance.

There will never in this lifetime, in this world, in this entire universe be another you.


Allow this to really sink in.

You are uniquely and wonderfully made; and you deserve to express that with your personal style.

Everyone in life isn’t going to like your personal style; it won’t always be everyone’s cup of tea; but who cares.

It’s called personal style for a reason; because it’s personal to you.

It’s for you, it’s never for the opinions or validation coming from others. This is why once you release yourself from these insecurities, and you find and embrace your style; it is such a beautiful feeling. It is also a unique form of self-love.

It’s okay if you have insecurities; but don’t let your insecurities hold you back from expressing yourself with your personal style. Let your individuality shine; because it’s when you do this you inspire others to do the same.

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