By: Key Michel

We have all had that moment when you’re out in public; and you see someone walk by with a phenomenal outfit; and you say to yourself, “I really like their outfit”.

Have you ever wondered what triggers you to say that?

Are there any common themes; or similarities that make these people instantly stylish to you?

Keep scrolling as we explore 10 style hacks that can make a person instantly stylish

Stylish Outerwear 

Fashionable and captivating outerwear can make any individual look instantly put together and stylish. Often times when I’m at the thrift store; and I observe someone with impeccable style; what captures my attention to their outfit is always their outerwear. The outerwear always compliments the outfit well; and showcases the persons inner confidence to make a fashion statement everywhere that they go.

Understanding your body and your aura

Your energy and aura is what gives the outfits you wear their true power and essence. Your body is the canvas, your clothes are the painting; but your energy and your aura is the power behind the clothing. It’s important that you seek to understand your own energy and aura; and what you what to naturally communicate. As you embrace your aura; take time to get to know what styles look good on your body. This isn’t the time to beat yourself up, or to wish your body looked a completely different way. Understand the current body you have now; be grateful for that body; as you explore the styles that suite you best.

When everything is cohesive and it all comes together

Whether you wear mixed prints, go monochrome, focus on aesthetics; wear vintage styles, bold colors, statement pieces, practice juxtaposition, etc; your job is to make sure that your outfits are always cohesive. That everything from head to toe flows together; without anything looking out of place. This is a powerful style hack because once it feels innate to you to style cohesive outfits; you will feel limitless in what you wear.

A signature style

When your style can’t be duplicated by anyone else but you; this automatically makes you seen as stylish. When you have figured out how to express your individuality with your outfits; it shows that you have a true understanding of who you are; and also a love for the person you are.

When you keep me on my toes fashion wise; like I don’t know what to expect from you next | mastering versatility 

The person that always keeps you on your toes fashion wise; and you never know what to expect will always be seen as instantly stylish. Versatility in fashion shows that you are someone that is creative, courageous and has wide range.

Mastering the styling of statement pieces (really giving the piece life) 

Wearing statement pieces is all about giving the pieces more life. These pieces already stand-out on their own; but when you are able to style statement pieces in a manner that gives the pieces more life that instantly makes you appear instantly more stylish.

Out Of The Box Monochromatic Outfits

Monochromatic styles are by far one of the easiest ways to look put together; but to make a grand impression think outside of the box with your styling. Monochromatic outfits that have different textures, fabrics, aesthetics, sihoulettes or additional unique accessories that match the color palette always elevates the look to an instantly stylish level.

Knowing how to accessorize in their own way 

Accessories are one of the most personalized expressions in style. People that have unique accessories, can tell a story with their styling, and create cohesive accessorized looks with their styling will always look instantly stylish. These people take time to create accessorized looks that are signature to their personal styles.

Master The Baggy or Oversized Look

Baggy and oversized outfits always look chic and stylish; but if they aren’t styled properly they can look sloop or like one is drowning in the garment.

Whenever I see a person who is wearing a baggy or oversized outfit, and you can tell they have mastered the art of styling these types of garments; they instantly look stylish to me.

The right shoe with the right outfit 

The right shoe can make an outfit a hit or a miss. An entire outfit can be style properly; but the wrong shoe can completely throw the outfit off. An individual that knows how to style the right shoe with the right outfit; is always perceived as instantly stylish; with a great attention to detail.

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