Today is December 31st 2023; and we are stepping into the New Year with some vintage style inspo!

Below is a list of vintage items that are on my 2024 Vintage Gems Bucket List. I recommend that you continue to check out the list throughout the year; because I will be updating it periodically!

I hope that this list inspires you to incorporate new items into your wardrobe; and experiment with your personal style!

  1. A Black Vintage Wilson Leather Biker Jacket
  2. Unique Vintage Necklaces, Rings & Earrings 
  3. Stylish Jean Skirt In with a slit in metallic silver or blue jeans or both 
  4. Vintage Victoria Secrets Slip Dresses
  5. Vintage Statement white tops 
  6. Stylish AF Vintage Corsets & Bustiers 
  7. Vintage Sharif & Viva La California Stylish Handbags 
  8. Brown or Red Stylish Leather Jackets 
  9. Vintage Two Piece Sets with a mini skirt
  10. Stylish Cropped Vintage Jackets 
  11. Great Acid Wash 80s Style Cargo Jeans
  12. 90s Style Swishy Joggers 
  13. High Waisted Vintage Jeans
  14. Beautiful Brown or Black Leather Vintage Bomber Jackets
  15. Extremely Stylish Vintage Rustic Coat (Cropped, Blazer Style or Bomber Style)
  16. Extremely Stylish Vintage Motorcycle Jackets 
  17. Gorgeous Vintage Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings 
  18. Vintage White Penny Lane Coat
  19. Vintage Western Style Boots
  20. Western Style Cropped Jacket, Biker Jacket, Leather Bomber or better 
  21. Vintage Mules: Vintage Western Mules, Mules With A Buckle, Designer Vintage Mules 
  22. Vintage Cache Pieces
  23. Iconic Vintage Designer Pieces

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