Style confidence is extremely important when it comes to embracing, or discovering your own personal style.

Your shoes can make or break a look, your hairstyle can make or break a look; but nothing will make or break a look, more than a lack of style confidence.

Here you will learn the 5 ways to build style confidence today!

1. Dress for yourself; not for others

Dressing for yourself is essential when it comes to building your style confidence. This is your style, your self-expression; so why does it matter what other people think?

Is it nice to get compliments for your style? Yes. But it shouldn’t be your main objective. It shouldn’t be the reason why you get dressed everyday.

You should always dress for you!

2. Always experiment with your style; take risk

Get daring with different looks and styles. If you see a gem that you like, but you’re unsure if you can pull it off; give it a try!

Taking style risk is a great way to build your style confidence.

3. Shop Alone

Shopping alone is a great way to build on your style confidence. At times, when we shop with others, we rely a lot on the opinions of others; when it comes to what we purchase.

Questions such as, “what do you think of this?” Or “do you like this?” Are commonly asked, when you shop with other people.

When you shop alone, you are forced to rely on your own decision making skills; and that will in return boost your style confidence.

4. Forget about fashion rules

Fashion rules don’t exist. Follow the beat of your own drum; and create your own rules, for your own style.

In order to be confident with your style, you have to be comfortable and confident with doing your own thing.

5. Embrace Your Body & Your Shape

Body positivity and style confidence truly go hand in hand. If you feel insecure about your body, you will in return feel insecure about your style. Embrace your body, no matter the size or shape!

If you have a goal of getting to a desired weight, keep striving for it; but embrace how you look now. Love yourself now. That’s what matters the most.

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