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Extra! Extra! Read all about it; the future of fashion is indeed vintage! Vintage fashion has always been a consistent contender in the industry; but in recent years; its ever-growing growth has made it a strong heavy hitter.

In 2017, I attended the NARTS conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota; a resale fashion conference for business owners, entrepreneurs and consultants. During one of the workshops, an expert discussed predictions regarding the industry; and majority of those predictions have come to life. One of the predictions is the rise of digital space in resale; which includes online vintage stores, brick and mortar stores building online platforms; and reselling apps. In the height of the pandemic we saw an influx of stores be formed; and remain in business until current day.

It’s a new decade; so it’s time to draw upon new vintage fashion predictions; that will catapult the industry to a new stratosphere.

Increase In Vintage Market Popularity

Vintage Markets is arguably one of the most popular predictions that we can expect to see in the industry. The aftermath of the pandemic is one of the main factors of the rise in vintage markets because people are yearning for community. It’s nice to shop online; and get gems delivered to your doorstep; but these markets give vintage lovers the opportunity to shop, network and intrinsically feel apart of something bigger than themselves.

Manhattan Vintage Market

In addition, resellers who don’t have an online store, or a brick and mortar store front; are given the opportunity to grow their business offline; without having to pay a heafty overhead cost.

Whether you own a brick and mortar store, you have an online store, or you are reseller via an app; vintage markers give sellers the chance to grow their brand, discover new customers; and most importantly engage with a likeminded community.

Check eventbrite, or social media hashtags in your local city, state or country for upcoming vintage markets!

Futuristic Vintage Fashion

Think Zenon the Disney channel movie; we can expect to see an influx of vintage styles with a futuristic twist. This is predicted fashion trend is influenced by the rise in technology; and the latest features such as AI coming into play.

We can expect to see metallic, bedazzled, gold, eccentric and statement styles with a retro design and a futuristic influence.



Emergence of Vintage Fashion Influencers

We have seen a rise in fast fashion influencers over the last couple of years, and a rise in luxury influencers; but now it’s time for vintage fashion influencers to become the stars of the show.

I predict that several of these vintage influencers will embody a vintage aura, and almost give off the impression that they were born in decade from the past. There styles will be unique, genuine, and highly personalized; inspiring people to shop vintage; and to demonstrate their signature styles.

I predict that vintage influencers will have an impact on the fashion media industry; causing magazines and online media outlets to put their attention and awareness on vintage industry.

Instagram: _badgyalstyle

Instagram: _badgyalstyle

Rise In Niche Vintage Stores

Speciality stores are going to be huge. Instead of vintage stores that sell all different types of eras; we will start to witness stores that focus only one one era, or on a specific vintage aesthetic.

LaVeganBaddie Montreal’s First Early 2000s Vintage Store

LaVeganBaddie Montreal’s First Early 2000s Vintage Store

In addition, we will also start to see a rise in men’s only vintage stores; which will shed a brighter light on the hidden gems one can find in the men’s sections. For example, at thrift stores; the men’s section is either neglected or respected; but when it’s respected you can find the best jackets, sweaters; or blazers

In the city of Boston; there is a well-known vintage shop called Bobby from Boston; and it’s a men’s vintage store. In the past, his store has distributed vintage clothing to over 50 Hollywood films including The Bronx Tale and The Moonrise Kingdom. This example sheds light not only on the need for men’s vintage stores; but the power of niche specific vintage store’s.

Bobby From Boston Vintage Store

Popularity In Statement Vintage Jewelry

Now this is a prediction that has always been popular amongst vintage lovers; but I predict that the popularity will expand outside of the community. I also predict that it will become common for people to receive passed down vintage jewelry from family members.

For example, I was on Tik Tok watching a video about NYFW; and in the comments section someone asked the Tik Toker

“Where did you get that necklace;”

and she replied “It was my grandmothers from the 1970s”.

She was wearing a bold statement necklace; that stood out and gave her outfit noticeable character.

Vintage Earrings Via Key To Fashion

Chanel Vintage Earrings

Thrifting In Your Family Member’s Closet

As stated in the prior prediction; I predict that this form of thrifting will develop into a popular phenomenon. Passed down items always come with a special association and energy; since you are adding a piece from someone else’s fashion history who is near and dear to you; and making it apart of your own.

Key’s Vintage Goodies Christmas Gift

More Focus On Vintage Designer

This prediction has more to do with quality than anything. On social media, it’s a common occurrence to experience luxury customers share their testimonies about a new bag that randomly broke; or the further emphasis on bad quality.

A lot of luxury influencers have turned to online consignment stores such as Far-fetch, Vestiaire Collective and The Real Real; not only for the lower prices or the exclusivity; but to discover vintage designer with better quality.

Bags Via Fashionica

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