By: Key Michel

Cozy Gyal season is upon us, and there is no better way to step into the winter season than with the perfect statement coat. Now of course keeping warm while looking stylish is the mission for every winter season; and the right coat will always serve you in the best way. It can be difficult for some people to keep up with their personal style in the winter, and many people question how can stay true to their stylish aura. The power of a statement piece is that it captivates and pulls in all the attention. Statement vintage coats make it easy to get dressed during the winter season because no matter what you decide to wear underneath; your coat stands as the main attraction.

Here are 7 Statement Coats To Make A Fashion Statement Everywhere You Go This Winter Season

Long Retro Coats

Statement Vintage Trench Coat

Vintage Penny Lane Coat

80s Leather Coats

60s/70s Faur Fur Collar

Vintage Faux Fur Belted Coat

2000s Puffer Jacket

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