By: Key Michel

Sometimes the best looks are the last minute outfits; and the one’s that take 5 minutes to put together. It’s common to experience moments in life where you may in a hurry; and you aren’t able to take your sweet time to get dressed. Being in a rush doesn’t mean you have to leave your style behind; and throw anything on. You can still look your best, and have a great appreciation for your outfits; as if you had all of the time in the world to get ready.

Perhaps you aren’t someone that is seeking style tips for getting dressed when you’re in a rush; but because you want to speed up your get ready process. You’re someone who loves fashion; but dreads how long it takes you to get dressed. Wherever you land on the total pool; here are stylish 5 minute outfits that you should try as soon as possible.

Vintage Blouse & Jeans

Statement Sleeves & Jeans

Two-Piece Set

Dress & A Statement Belt

Jumpsuit & Accessories

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