By: Key Michel

You’re scrolling on YouTube, searching for fashion content; and your eyes happen to land on videos with titles stating, “Things that are no longer in style in (inserts the year)”, or “Ways to stay in style”. These videos lure many people in; and tend to get a substantial amount of views because let’s face it; a lot of people don’t want to be left behind.

Most people want to be in the knowing when it comes to fashion; and while it’s a different conversation when the insight given is about what is no longer in style. No one can determine what is no longer in style; but you. If you are still wearing styles from 2018 because you like them; no one can tell you what your wearing is no longer in style.

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Being in style, means keeping up with what is currently trending in mainstream fashion; but when you understand the cycle of fashion, and that everything that was once “in”, will come back around again. When I was in high school Ed Hardy was huge; and now in the 2020s Ed Hardy is huge again. During the years that it wasn’t mainstream anymore a lot of people were still wearing Ed Hardy all of those years. They didn’t stop just because it was no longer a mainstream trend.

Chasing after what is in style is exhausting. It’s like being on a never- ending hamster wheel constantly running and running and running to make sure that your outfit choices don’t run out of style. This is also one of the reasons why so many people have shared their disdain for fashion because they are tired of trying to keep up; when it in reality they never had to in the first place. Seeking fashion tips, styling tips, or insight should always be with the intentional of birthing or expanding your own personal style. It should be enjoyable, fun and a journey filled with endless self-discovery.

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Yes your style choices will change; and an item that was once in style for you; may not be in style for you anymore; but that’s because you made that decision. Your newfound view wasn’t influenced by people telling you what is “in” or what is “out”. It came from your own style evolution; and this is why things don’t go out of style unless you say so because you are in charge when it comes to your style.

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