By: Key Michel

Listen, there’s been a whole lotta thrifting going on these past couple of weeks; and I have been loving every single minute of it! My birthday was this past February; and one of the ways I decided to treat myself was to thrift like I’ve never thrifted before. I celebrated in both Boston & Brooklyn; and had the pleasure of thrifting some amazing gems in both cities. I purchased a total of 20 items; and in total I spent $120. The most expensive items was a $20 Wilson leather jacket!

Now of course during this time I have been very intentional with my shopping; only leaving the store with items that I love; and ending each thrift trip with 1-3 items. In addition, I have also donated some gems to my local thrift store; making it my 3rd bag for 2024 thus far! I decided to donate items instead of selling them on Poshmark or Depop because I was noticing that the racks at my local thrift store were looking quite empty. The staff is always so kind to me; and I always find amazing pieces there; so I felt in my heart that it was only right to give back.

Here are some videos and pictures of a few of the items that I recently thrifted; along with why I decided to add these pieces to my wardrobe.

Location: Urban Jungle | Brooklyn, NY

This was a trip I took on my actual birthday; and these were the items I walked away with. I loved the blue bedazzled blazer top; and I thought it would pair so well with this silver bedazzled belt that I thrifted last year. I also love blazer tops; especially when I find one that compliments my style. (Blazer Top: $10)

The black jacket was the first item that I found; and I knew immediately I would purchase it. I loved the juxtaposition of the material with the jacket; along with the 80s vintage flavors that it gives. It is missing a button on the bottom; but that gives me an opportunity to practice up-cycling more. (Jacket $15)

Location: Urban Renewals | Boston, MA

I have been wanting a Wilson’s Leather Jacket; and when I saw this particular one I really liked it; but for some reason because I had a different jacket in mind; I left it behind. When I left the store my intuition kept telling me to go back and get the jacket; it was to the point I was down the street and something told me to turn back and go to the store and purchase it; and that is exactly what I did. All I can say is I’m so excited I listened to my intuition. Yes I had a style in mind; but this jacket is definitely what my style needed. I have already worn it; and it looks so chic and stylish on me. (Jacket $19.99)

Location: Savers | Plainstow, New Hampshire

About a week prior to this thrift trip I was at another Goodwill in Cambridge, MA; when I saw this see-thru black top that looked just like this top; except it didn’t have the bell-hand sleeves or the velour texture on the flowers. I saw it on one of the go-back racks; but I noticed a woman was trying on items close by. I wasn’t exactly sure if it was her top but when I went up to touch it she kindly told me it was one of her items.

A week later I went to visit my Dad; and I decided to check out the savers in his area; and I found this see-thru floral black top; and I was instantly reminded of the one I saw a week prior. I was so grateful to find this top because although it was similar to the other top; it was so much better to me especially because it has bell-hand sleeves!

I love sensual see-thru tops; and have been wanting to incorporate more into my wardrobe; so I’m so grateful I found this gem. (Top $6.49)

Location: Savers | Plainstow, New Hampshire

I found this item in the blazer section; and it’s a really nice bedazzled cropped blazer. I wish the picture did it more justice because it’s not as bright as it appears. It’s actually a lot more bold and striking in appearance; so much so that when I tried it on two woman walking by stopped in their tracks and told me it’s beautiful and that I had to get it.

I have been wanting more cropped blazers; so I was grateful to find this statement vintage piece! (cropped blazer $5.99)

Location: Goodwill | Boston, MA

I love a good ole lace piece; so when I saw this I knew I had to get it. I loved the Y2K feel the top gives as well; and I think it will look so good with a lot of jeans in my wardrobe, including the one’s I purchased below. (Top $4.99)

Location: Goodwill | Boston, MA

I have been wanting leather pants; and I found this pair and another pair at the thrift store; but I didn’t like the material of the other one so I left it behind. Although; I was looking for solid leather pants; I did find the print of these pants to be unique; and I liked the richness of the black; so I decided to get them. I have already worn them; and I love the way the look on me! (Pants $6.50)

For some reason these pants I could not leave behind. I had no idea if they would fit me; or if they would be a little two small; but something told me I had to get them. They are their flared vintage-wash jeans and I loved the wash and the size of the flare of these jeans. Sometimes a flare can be a little too dramatic; but here it was just right. I can see me styling these jeans with the white lace top that was shown above. (Jeans $7.50)

Location: Urban Renewals | Boston, MA

The snake print pants are vintage cache; and I love finding vintage cache at the thrift store. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to get these pants; but after listening to my gut I knew I had to; and they were only $2.50 (50% off select tags; red was one of them that day). I thrifted this black one shoulder top; that has these cut outs on the side that will look so good with these pants; paired with the 90s style baguette bag that is also shown in the image and video.

The Asymmetrical jeans are an item that I have been wanting for sometime now. I particularly liked the vintage wash of these jeans; and this was also an item that I found when I was literally about to get ready to check out. I feel like that always happens to me when I thrift. (Jeans $6)

The 90s vintage Liz Clairborne baguette bag is one of my favorites here because I have been wanting a bag like this; but I didn’t want it to be 90s style, I wanted it to be a bag that was from that era. When I saw this vintage liz clairborne bag; and for only $4 I knew I hit the jackpot!

Currently, I will be taking a bit of a thrift break; but I had so much fun these past few weeks. As mentioned prior this isn’t all that I thrifted; there are so many more dope gems that

Location: Goodwill | Boston, MA

I loved this belt when I first saw it. It’s a vintage statement Guess belt; and I have already worn it several times. (Belt $3.99)

Location: Urban Renewals | Boston, MA

I always love to get scarfs when I thrift because they are so versatile. This print was unique to me; so I had to get it. (Scarf $.50)

Location: Urban Renewals | Boston, MA

I spotted this top on one of the new items rack. It’s a bathing suit; but I plan on wearing it as a top which is something that I like to do with certain bathing suits. They can serve as great bodysuits. I think this top will look so cute with the snake print pants are shown above.

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