Spring is here! 🌸

With so much time currently on your hands, this is the perfect opportunity to declutter your space, and to get ready for the summer!

There are 5 important questions that you want to ask yourself, when you are cleaning out your closet.

1) Does this item still fit?

2) Have I worn it within the last 12 months?

3) Does it compliment my currently style?

4) Is it likely that I will ever wear it again?

5) If I was shopping now, would I purchase this item?

These questions will give you clarity, and they will also allow you to focus on what you should keep, and what you should donate or consign.

In addition, here are 4 ways to effectively declutter & organize your stylish closet:

1) Organize By Color

Organizing your clothes by color, is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

It is easy to find what items you are looking for, and what color you desire to wear, because your entire closet is color coordinated.

This is how a lot of Brick & Mortar thrift stores are organized, and many customers really prefer this form of organization, because it makes the thrift experience a little easier, epspecially for rookies.

2) Organize By Style

Tank tops, then crop tops, then short sleeves, then light jackets, then jeans, then skirts, and then shoes!

That is simply an example, you can organize your own closet by the styles that you wear!

Quick Tip:

If you live in an area that has a winter season, put your winter clothes in a storage space.

And focus on organizing your closet with only your  Spring/Summer time apparel.

3) Get A Styling Rack

A styling rack is the perfect room addition for any fashion icon!

You can put your statement pieces, or your favorite items on this rack.

The styling rack can add a really decorative touch, to your wardrobe and room.

4) Purchase Clothing Bins and Storage Space

Clothing bins and storage bins, are a great way to save space, by compacting items together.

You can get stylish bins and crates to put your clothing in. You can also get a shoe rack, to place your shoes in!

The storage space, is also perfect for clothing that is not for the current season.

For example, winter and fall clothes can go in the storage spaces, until those seasons arrive.


Decluttering and organizing your closet, is the perfect project!

It allows you to get creative, personalize your space, and it also allows you to clear your mind.

An organized room, will fuel an organize and peaceful mind! Always remember that!✨

Thank you so much for reading Fashion Icon!


Key To Fashion ✨

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