By: Key Michel

It’s time to book a flight, back those bags; and head out to the airport with some style! The airport can be a tricky place for many when it comes to style; because a lot of people rather substitute style for leisure.

The thing is why substitute style for leisure; when you can have both?

Whether you’re traveling for the holidays, traveling to see your family or friends, traveling for business, or traveling for leisure; these style tips will help you figure out the perfect looks to wear!

Keep It Oversized & Cozy

Tracee Ellis Ross

Athleisure & Swag

Via Pinterest

Mix Statement With Leisure

Via @_badgyalstyle IG

Stylish Knapsacks Are The Way To Go

Via Pinterest

Monochrome Two-Piece Sets

Via Pinterest

Show Off That Statement Coat

Nicole Richie

Lewks With Sneaker

Tyra Banks

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