By: Key Michel

Being intentional in life keeps you on a fulfilling path where your direction is clear, your purpose is aligned; and your decisions only correlate with what really matters. While fashion is an art form that requires flow and freedom; your fashion journey also requires intentionality. This isn’t solely about being aware of why you purchase what you purchase; but asking yourself what do those purchases do for your personal style?

Do they provide your personal style with something new?

Do they challenge your personal style?

Do they wholeheartedly compliment your personal style?

Do they support you in discovering or embracing your personal style?

You can even dig deeper by asking yourself if you already own any similar styles already; and do you wear them at all? Are these styles you will only wear once; or will you love to constantly wear them?

It’s important that you pay attention to your intentions when you are incorporating new styles into your wardrobe; and strive to curate a closet of items that you love. You will always be on a fashion journey, but your intentions will result in whether it’s a journey that you love, a journey that is liberating; or a journey that leaves you lost and confused. Allow your pure intentions to lead the way; and it will always guide you on a path towards style success.

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