By: Key Michel

What was once created in the late 1960s as a practical garment for military pilots; became one of the most memorable pieces of the 1980s. Bomber jackets edgy vibe, and oversized fit deserve a space in your wardrobe. This jacket will gives your outfits an effortless swag and undeniable edge. Depending on the color and the design this jacket can become the statement to your outfit; and the conversation starter.

Bomber jackets provide your style with versatility and juxtaposition. These jackets can be worn in a casual appearance; paired a nice top, jeans and combat boots; or they can be worn in a juxtapositional way. An example of this would be a bomber jacket, and a floral spring dress. The contrast of the edgy bomber jacket; and the feminine floral dress create a unique look.

Bomber jackets not only travel through style eras; but they travel through season; and can be worn in the fall, winter, and spring. These jackets are also a great way to dip your toes into wearing oversized styles if they are completely foreign to you. Bomber jackets vary in their oversized fit; and add a lot of character to an outfit.

Do yourself a favor and give Bomber jackets a go this season; and style it with a rare vintage handbag

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