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It’s cozy season; and with all the latest styles it’s tempting to completely be out with the old, and shop for some new. Up-cycling is a sustainable and creative option that can transform the clothing sitting in your wardrobe. If you are new to up-cycling; and you don’t know how to sew (yet); this easy up-cycling idea is perfect for your old sweaters that you never ever wear. With fabric scissors you can quickly transform your old sweaters to an oversized cropped fit that can be perfectly styled with high waisted bottoms or regular bottoms (depending on how high you decide to crop your sweater).

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A simple crop can take your old sweater from an item you never wear; to an instant style repeater. There is a great sense of satisfaction you receive from knowing that you up-cycled something, and that it compliments your style.

All you need to achieve a cropped fit are your old sweaters, thrifted sweaters, and fabric scissors.

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If you have a weekend in the house; get creative and up-cycle some of your old sweaters. Once you start, you won’t want to stop because this will be the easy project that will catapult you to more complex ones.

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