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Animal Print is a staple trend that will always be around; and this year it is all about the tiger stripes. Tiger stripes will be a popular trend in 2022; especially for the winter and spring seasons. The coincidental factor is that, for the 2022 Chinese New Year; it is also year of the tiger.

This year’s energy is all about being bold, being confident; and stepping out being unapologetically you.

The beauty about animal print styles; is that they are easy to style, they are versatile, they can serve as a statement piece; and they can compliment most personal styles.

To wear this tiger stripes trend, you can style it as your dominant base in an outfit. Examples of this are blouses, sweaters, pants, jackets/coats, or dresses

If you rather wear the trend as a statement piece; examples of this are belts, handbags, or your hats.

Get creative when it comes to wearing tiger stripes this year; and strive to think outside of the box. It’s important to always find ways, to wear trends your own way. Your mission should always be to personalize a trend; and to make it fit your own style and aesthetic.

Another suggestion is to try tiger print styles that are in different fabrics such as leather, velvet, silk, fleece or faux fur. Don’t be afraid to get daring and experimental!

It is also essential that you check the thrift stores first!

Shopping at the thrift stores first, will support you in finding tiger print styles, that are unique and very individualistic.

It’s the year of the tiger Fashion Icons; so it’s time for you to fiercely stand out; to be confident in who you are, and with what you wear.

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