By: Key Michel

Thrifting has always been here; but in these next few decades; this realm of fashion is certainly here to dominate the fashion industry!

Even with the industry’s exponential success and growth, there are still somethings at the thrift stores; that are a major hit or miss for many thrifters, whether new or seasoned!

This article isn’t to detour you from looking for these gems at the thrift store now; this is to simply keep you in the loop!

1. Shoes

Shoes are one of those aspects of an outfit, that many fashion lovers can be very picky about. It’s all about finding the right fit, the right size, shoes that are comfortable; and shoes that truly speak to your personal style!

Thrifting for shoes can be a hit or miss; because sometimes you may find shoes that check off all of your boxes, and other times you may not. There are also times when the shoes are too worn, or missing important pieces.

Since thrift flipping has become increasingly popular, if you are crafty with your hands; let your imagination run wild and see what you can reinvent!

2. Furniture

Some thrift stores have a furniture section, and you will always see people looking through this section to see what they can find.

Some thrift stores even specialize in selling only furniture, to cater more to that demographic of thrifters; who thrift for furniture the most.

This section can be a hit or miss because if the thrift stores don’t specialize in selling only furniture, sometimes the best gems are already sold out.

In addition, at times the furniture is extremely too worn; and although your shopping at a thrift store, and everything is secondhand; overly worn furniture can be prone to a lot of creepy crawlers.

Lastly, sometimes the furniture can even be missing important pieces. Once again, if you are into thrift flipping, or even if you an an artist who can paint or draw; let your imagine run wild and see what you can reinvent!

3. The Men’s Section

I think we can all agree that a lot of thrift stores, spend more time curating their women’s section, than their men’s section. Sometimes in brick and mortar stores, the men’s section is much smaller than the women’s section.

The thing is when the men’s section is a hit, it is a major hit! You can find some of the best gems in the men’s section; which include blazers, sweaters, or stylish blouses. On the other hand, when it’s a miss; it’s a complete and utter miss, and a true disappointment.

A lot of men inquire about if Key To Fashion will ever curate a men’s section; and the answer is yes!

The men’s section can be a hit or a miss; but for the Key To Fashion brand, it will surely be a HIT!

4. Books

Finding a great read at the thrift stores can truly be one a kind! The books are usually super cheap, being as low as 99 cents! There is no better feeling than finding a book you have been wanting to read, at the thrift store for the low!

This section can be a hit because you are able to find books that you were interested in, or even new books that sparked your interest for a great price. A lot of thrift stores also have a wide range of genres from romance, to sci-fi, to business. In addition, sometimes the books can even look brand spanking new!

On the other hand; this section can be a miss because sometimes it can be too small, and not given enough attention to. Other times the books you want to read are missing a lot of pages; but hey not to worry, if you don’t want to purchase it; you can always find the audiobook for free online!

5. Artwork

Decorating your home, or your place of work with artwork can truly bring it alive! A lot of thrifters love thrifting for artwork because you can really find some unique pieces!

This section is a hit, because of the array of art pieces you can find for a great price!

This section can be a miss because for some thrift stores; they may not have any artwork in their home goods section at all. In addition, for some stores, the artwork that they do have; may not speak to you.

Although everything is subjective in life, including style; we can all agree that artwork is something that many people are extremely particular about.

What are some sections at the thrift stores, that can be a major hit or miss for you?

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