I’m going to start this post off, by asking everyone a question to get you all thinking.

What do you prefer, shopping alone, or with a shopping buddy?

If you picked the second option, shopping with a shopping buddy, let me you know, that’s not a bad thing! What’s important is that you’re being transparent with yourself when it comes to your shopping preferences!

As social and extroverted as I can be, I prefer to shop alone, for several different reasons. Now listen, my intention isn’t make readers feel bad about not shopping alone, but to enlighten readers, as to why I like shopping alone, and to share some of it’s positive benefits. Even if shopping alone is not your thing, I want to try my best to show you all that you can still take elements of the solo shopper experience, when you’re shopping with others. So let’s get to it.

Shopping alone forces you to be in an environment where you’re the decision-maker, and you’re free to experiment with your style. Often times when we shop with others, we tend to rely on each other to make decisions on what store to go to next, or stating opinions on what the other person should or should not buy. Solo shopping, is a unique way of achieving some, “ me time”. Its can even be a therapeutic moment, where you’re able to focus solely on yourself. You have no one to talk to, and that’s okay because less talking will evidently lead to more shopping.

Also! ..

Solo Shopping grants fashion lovers the freedom to explore your own style journey, and the chance to really become one with yourself. As a solo shopper, you can freely shop at the stores you like, and your completely free to innovate, experiment and explore with your look, at your own time and pace. At the same time, you’re also challenged to trust your own instincts, and gut when it comes to making decision on what, or what not to purchase. One of the perks of having a shopping buddy,  is having someone to support you in making decisions, but as a solo shopper, no one is there to support you in the process of elimination of your items, or to convince you not to purchase something that you’re unsure about. Learning to trust your own thoughts and your own ideas, will influence your style, your confidence with your style, and your creativity.

In hindsight, Shopping alone, can change the way you shop when you do shop with a shopping buddy. For example, I know in the past when I shop with a friend, I would always feel the need to compare how much I was spending compared to them, whether it was more or less, and I never got why, but I’m guilty of it, and I believe many people have been. The more I started to shop alone, the more I began to gain more control over my own budget, to the point whenever I would shop with others, I found that my self- control remained in tact, and I wasn’t socially influenced to purchase more or less.

Now when I shop with others, I view it as an opportunity for us to support each other, in making our own decisions. For example, in the past when I would shop with someone, if they asked me whether I liked something or not, I would give my honest opinion, but sometimes I would reflect the question back on them, and ask “ Well, do you like it?” I have now made that a frequently asked question, whenever I shop with someone. It’s a consistent habit of mines, that serves as a small gesture in supporting others in finding, expanding, or embracing their looks.

So readers do share!

Do you enjoy shopping alone?

Do you not like shopping alone?

Why or why not?

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I like shopping online because I don’t like being around a bunch of people to be honest. I found a website that has great prices (shein) and I love their clothes. They remind me of forever 21 but they have more things- for your home and such.


Oh yeah I’ve shopped at the site in the past! And I hear you about feeling like there is too many people in the stores. I actually was recently thinking that to myself when I went shopping recently, how stores need to focus on making the customer experience, a comfortable one. Also, I like to online shop too, the only thing is I can’t stand when my order doesn’t arrive! Lolllll

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