This is a concept that many people preach about, especially in the social media world.

How we should all be ourselves, embrace ourselves, and realize what makes us unique.

But in reality, society has never taught any of us to embrace our individuality. We aren’t taught about individuality in school.

We aren’t taught to embrace what makes us shine; instead many of us are told to conform.

Go to school. Go to college. And get a job.”

Here at Key To Fashion, many people think what is being sold is simply the flyest vintage and retro gems.

But to be transparent with you; Fashion Icon, what Key To Fashion is really selling… is individuality.

Each gem that you purchase, is a gem that speaks to who YOU are.

Each post that you read, is encouraging you to look within; to become more self-aware, to love yourself unconditionally, and to most importantly embrace what makes you unique.

On Instagram, every time a gem is posted, what is always stated at the end of each caption is,

“As always, style this gem your own way!”

Once again, emphasizing the concept of individuality, and urging you to discover your own “Keys To Fashion.”

With that being said, below there will be a list of questions, that you will have the opportunity to answer.

You can write your answers down on a sheet of paper, you can simply reflect on your answers, do whatever is best for you.

But the most important thing here, is that you complete this exercise, because once it is done, you will feel a greater sense of introspection and self-worth.

Most importantly, you will have a greater sense of appreciation, for your individuality.

So here we go!

Question 1:

What are 5 things that you absolutely LOVE about yourself, and that you would never change for the world? (This can be personality, physical attributes, etc)

Question 2:

What are 5 strong strengths; that you personally possess?


Question 3:

What are 5 compliments, that you frequently hear from other people, throughout your lifetime?


Question 4:

What are 5 attributes, that make your personality stand-out?


Question 5:

What are 5 things that you appreciate about your journey thus far?


Question 6:

What are 5 things that you do, that not a lot of people do in life?


Question 7:

What are 5 aspects about your style, that you absolutely love?


Question 8:

What are 5 hidden gifts, talents, or creative ideas, that you keep to yourself? But deep down, you know the world needs it.



If you made it to the end, perfect! Also, if you felt stumped on a few questions, that’s not a bad thing at all.

Perhaps you never thought about any of these things before. Perhaps you haven’t had much time, to look within.

Now that you have completed the exercise, try to transform some of your answers to positive affirmations.

For example; if you answered the second question about,

“what are strong strengths that you possess”

And you stated, “I’m a positive leader”

You would write your answer down, and turn it into a positive affirmation. And place it somewhere,  where you can see it, and constantly be reminded of it.

This can be your bedroom wall, your mirror, your bathroom mirror, inside your car; somewhere that you know you will constantly see it.

These positive affirmations; will not only remind you of who you are during good times and bad times, but they will influence you to embrace your individuality, and to be more of yourself.

Hope this post sparks some inspiration, in your life today Fashion Icon!

And always remember, there are millions, and millions of people in this world. But there will NEVER be another you!


Key To Fashion✨

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