With over 14 years of public speaking experience, Keyana (Key) Michel first started her public speaking journey at the Brookline Teen Center internship; at 15 years old speaking in front of donors and sponsors, to raise money for the upcoming teen center. This remarkable experience lasted for 3 years.

She then went on to host cultural shows, along with the pre-show event at the Annual Fashion Show at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

In professional settings post undergrad, she frequently spoke at fundraising events for Tenacity, a well-known non-profit in the city of Boston.

Currently, Key is the host of an IG live show Vintage Glamour, where she dives into topics pertaining to resale fashion, thrifting, style confidence, style tips, and lifestyle content.

Started as a way to simply connect further with the Key To Fashion community, Vintage Glamour has already received many testimonies of how insightful and impactful the show has been.

Topics that Key is specialized in discussing are

  1. The Resale Fashion Industry
  2. The correlation between personal growth and style
  3. Style confidence
  4. Personal growth/lifestyle content

Known for having a distinctive voice, a dynamic personality, and a compassionate aura; Key has a gift of empowering and inspiring others by authentically combining insight, relatability and storytelling all into one.

Fun Fact: Due to the seniorities in High School, Keyana actually plagiarized her senior essay in High School. She was in a Public Speaking in writing course, where she had to write speeches and recite them in front of the class.

When she was confronted by her then English teacher, he stated to her, “Keyana, I know that you plagiarized your senior essay, but I’m going to give you another chance to revise it, because you are one of the best public speakers in the class.”

Her ability to obtain this skill at a young age, is the only reason why she was able to graduate High School. This story is a true testimony of her gift.

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