Vintage & Retro fashion is taking over, and it’s here to stay!

With the uprise in these nostalgic looks; many people still struggle with finding ways to make vintage and retro gems, fit their modern day style.

This post will show you 5 valuable ways, that you can incorporate vintage gems into your style, without looking, or feeling outdated.

Instead you will look like a walking trendsetter, inspiring people to shop vintage as well!✨

Let’s get to these style tips, shall we!

(For all genders)


1) Take Out The Shoulder Pads

For some fashion lovers, shoulders pads can be more of a miss, than a hit.

If you are into retro and vintage gems, but you aren’t into shoulder pads, then take them out!

You do not have to leave them inside your blazers, jackets, blouses, or dresses.

You can take them out, and wear the vintage gem, without the shoulder pads; which will give your look, a more modern feel and appeal.


2) Wear Fashionable Jeans/Bottoms/High-waisted bottoms, with Statement Vintage Jackets, or Blazers

The best way to style statement vintage jackets, or blazers, is with the fashionable bottoms, that you choose to wear.

Wearing crisp, bold or highly fashionable jeans, especially skinny jeans, or high-waisted jeans, will give your look a very bold, sophisticated, and confident approach.

Especially if you accessorize this look with heels for women; or with nice dress shoes for men.


3) Accessorize your modern look, with cute vintage accessories, such as handbags, backpacks, hats, glasses, or earrings.

Adding even the smallest touch of vintage to your style, will still give your look that vintage aesthetic that your seeking!

Often times the small accessory can also serve as a statement piece, drawing more attention, than the entire look itself!


4) Women: Get A Pair Of Vintage Mom Jeans | Men: Get a Vintage Jean Jacket

A pair of mom jeans in your wardrobe, is pretty much like owning a major vintage staple.

You can throw on mom jeans, and no matter how you style them, your look will automatically have a vintage aesthetic!

Jean Jackets are certainly a unisex gem, but Men can enhance their style with a vintage jean jacket; that is either form-fitting or slightly oversized.

A jean jacket will give a man, that cool vintage touch, that he is looking to incorporate in his style!


5) Upcycle The Fashion Pieces

If you like a vintage or retro gem, but you envision it looking slightly different, then experiment with upcycling!

With upcycling you can make old gems, look brand new, or totally different from their original appearance; by adding new buttons, new fabrics, cutting areas out, and shortening areas. Essentially adding your own unique twist to the gem.

This is a entity in the resale fashion world, that is becoming very popular amongst resellers and thrifters!


What is the one tip that you will be incorporating?

Share your comments below!✨✨✨

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It’s important that you all walk away with insight, and a boost of style confidence!✨

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