The best way to describe the Y2K era, is a very intriguing and quite controversial timeframe for fashion.

While it’s certainly a memorable fashion era, with its futuristic styles and daring looks; it’s also an era that many people have a lot of mixed emotions and reviews about.

Some people find the timeframe to be an epic moment in fashion, that showcased unique self-expression; while others find the timeframe to be quite tacky.

With Gen-Z’s and late Millennials raving over Y2K styles this year; all over social media apps such as Tik Tok and Instagram; this era is absolutely here to stay this fall!

Here are 19 Y2K styles, that are a must-try this fall season!

1) Fedora Hats

2) Cargo Pants

3) Bedazzled Jeans & Low Rise Jeans

4) Denim on Denim

5) Long Dusters

6) Tonal Dressing/Also Known as Monochrome Styles

7) Leopard Print

8) Mini Skirts (& Denim Mini Skirts)

9) Butterly Styles

10) Hair Clips

11) Tie or Button in the front Cardigans

12) Glitz & Glam Galore

13) Bucket Hats

14) Baguette Bags

@slipintostyle via Instagram

15) Fuzzy Y2K Fabrics

@_badgyalstyle via Instagram

17) Rib-Knit Cardigans

18) Tracksuits

19) Chunky Waist Belts

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Style Tip 1)

Combine different sets of Y2K trends together.

For example, a bucket hat and a rib-knit cardigan; or a butterfly top and cargo pants, or low-rise pants.

Style Tip 2)

Combine style from different era’s, with your Y2K styles.

For example, Y2K styles and 90’s styles; or Y2K styles and 60’s styles.

Try to experiment with these style eras, and really think outside of the box!

What Y2K styles are you excited to try this Fall Season?

What Y2K styles do you already own?

Let’s discuss below!

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