By: Key Michel

I think every fashionista should always be frequently trying new styles; and pushing themselves outside of their style comfort zones. Experimenting with your personal style allows you to build your style confidence; while simultaneously growing your personal style. The summer is upon us; and I have a list of styles that I’m interested to experiment with.

As many of you all know, I love thrifting and vintage shopping; so I find myself constantly stumbling across styles that trigger me to ask myself,

“I don’t own anything like this; how would I style this?”

Whenever I question how I would style something; and it’s an intriguing gem; I always feel compelled to challenge myself and my style.


I have never been much of a crochet girlie. I don’t own hardly any crochet pieces in my wardrobe; and it’s also not a style that I would turn to during the summer season. I recently went thrifting; and I stumbled upon this hibiscus crochet shall; and for some reason it caught my attention. I loved the color, and I could see it being styled as an off the shoulders top; paired with a white monochromatic two piece set; and topped off with statement silver accessories. Now I was skeptical at first because as I mentioned; I don’t own much crochet if any at all; but intuitively I knew I had to give it a try.

I’m also excited to experiment with up-cycling crochet handbags this summer. I love crochet handbags; with embellished pieces on them. I think it gives the purse a personalized touch; and I love those types of items in my wardrobe.

Statement White

While I’m no stranger to wearing white; it isn’t a color that I wear all of the time. I had a fixed perception of white; viewing it as a color that gets dirty easily, or a color that is synonymous for basic attire; and while those aspects are true, there is more to white than just that. I realized that white; especially when it’s a standout piece; combines the characteristics of bold and elegance in harmony. Last year, I saw a lot of white wedding dresses that were transformed into these amazing vintage tops; and I loved them! Seeing those tops enhanced my spark to not only desire to experiment with statement white; but to explore the various textures that white styles can come in.

Vintage MIDI Skirts

I love wearing skirts in the summer; it’s defiantly a staple for the season. The thing is, last year I wore an eclectic vintage midi skirt with a halter top and it was one of my favorite outfits. Everywhere I went that day people were complimenting my outfit; and while I think people’s opinions don’t matter when it comes to my style; in this scenario I had to agree with everyone because the outfit was dope!

I decided that this summer I will style more vintage midi skirts; and exude my entire personal style into my looks.

Y2K Ruffle Styles

I noticed that when it comes to ruffles; I like ruffles to add a soft or sensual touch to an outfit; and be made with great material. Sometimes ruffle styles can look cheap and heavily outdated; and I think this is why although I have experimented with ruffles in the past; and I had styles that I loved; it wasn’t a style fave; that was until I realized specifically what I’m exactly looking for.

I recently purchased this asymmetrical paisley ruffles top from Zara. I wanted to show two images of the top because online it’s displayed as an off the shoulders top; but in person I thought the ruffles were supposed to be on the side; as shown in the second picture.

I have decided that I will wear the top as shown in the second picture because what caught my attention were the ruffles on the side; and the one longer ruffle that hanging to the side. I have been seeing a lot of ruffle styles with one or two longer ruffles; and I love the the character that they add to a top.

Up-cycled Summer Styles

The mission is not only to up-cycle more this summer; but to incorporate more up-cycled pieces into my wardrobe this summer season. I recently went thrifting and I stumbled upon this up-cycled champion two piece set; and I loved it! It’s originally from Urban Outfitters; and it was $100 with the tags still on. I thought it was so unique; and it was definitely a conversation starter in the store. One thing I love about a two-piece sets are their versatility.

In addition, I recently got this jean skirt top from Zara; and I thought it was so daring. I knew I had to get it because I own absolutely nothing like it; and I loved the upcycled aesthetic. The top was so different to me; and one thing about me I love an unusual piece!

I would love to up-cycle a lot more; and explore and discover more about my own creativity.

Out Of The Box Statement Sunglasses

I love statement sunglasses; and I own quite a few of them; but this summer I want to incorporate more out of the box sunglasses into my wardrobe. While an out of the box style can still be a statement piece; the distinction here is that the out of box style is something you wouldn’t always see. I think out of the box sunglasses are the perfect accessory to pair with my summer outfits!

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