By: Key Michel

We live in society where having the perfect body; and being the perfect size is the ideal. We see it promoted everywhere; on social media, in the Tv shows or movies that we consume; or even at the stores that we shop at. It is no secret that plus size fashion is neglected in many retail stores.

In most retail stores sizes only go up to a 12 or 14; and to find anything higher than that can be a difficult process. Especially when you are striving to find clothes that aren’t only plus size; but are also highly fashionable as well.

In the fast fashion realm, there are stores such as Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart that provide Plus Size women with fashionable attire to wear; but this disruption is still not enough.

Also, what happens if these stores don’t speak to your personal style; than where do you shop if you are plus size?

The fight to make fashion inclusive, has been a long going battle; but how long must we keep fighting to make everyone feel seen?

I think the most important question is why do we have to fight, to make people of different body types feel included in this industry?

Unfortunately, the lack of inclusivity in fast fashion; has trickled down to the resale fashion realm. A common complaint in the industry, is that there aren’t enough plus size clothing at thrift stores; or that people who are smaller in frame, are taking all the good plus size clothing; and up-cycling them for their own personal gains.

Thrifting is very abundant, and there will always be a surplus of clothing at thrift stores. At the same time, finding stylish plus size clothing; can be quite difficult for many thrifters.

In return, many plus size women find themselves shopping in the Men’s section; not for leisure; but due to necessity.

This lack of representation was the catalyst for a plus-size vintage shop called Berriez. Started in 2019 by founder Emma Zack; Berriez was Emma’s way of catering to a demographic that she felt has alway been underrepresented. She shares that although she loved fashion, that shopping was a nightmare for her.

Founder of Berriez: Emma Zack

As a lover of vintage fashion, she struggled to find the fun and stylish clothing that she would see for smaller frames.

Instead of complaining about it, she decided to create the change that she wished to see.

It didn’t take long before her side hustle, turned into a profitable business; with a growing community of 21.9k followers on Instagram. The growth in her brand shows that everyone wants and deserves to be represented in fashion; no matter their body shape or size.

Via @shopberriez

The lack of plus size clothing in many thrift stores; is due to several different reasons. Sometimes the donations that they receive may lack stylish plus-size garments, and other times you have to get out of your comfort zone and try new thrift stores out to find what you are seeking. In addition, a lot of vintage clothing can run a lot smaller than modern day wear.

As the resale fashion industry continues to grow; it is essential that the industry finds more ways to make plus-size people feel seen, feel heard; and to be appreciated for being who they are.

Regardless, fashion is for everyone; no matter what any “fashion police” or any imaginary rule maker decides to say. Everyone deserves to express themselves; with what they wear.


Always remember that great style, has absolutely no size!

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