By: Key Michel

What makes somebody instantly stylish? When you see somebody walking down the street, what makes that person catch your eye; and state to yourself, “oh yeah, that person is super stylish? And they know it!”

Here we will discuss 9 things that make someone instantly stylish. This isn’t a limited number, of course there are more than 9 things that can make someone a stellar style icon; but this list is filled with impeccable insight that will leave you feeling motivated and positively influenced.

Cohesive Outfits

Cohesive outfits is a style habit that will make someone instantly stylish. This is when everything you wear; aesthetically and cohesively comes together.

You’re wearing mixed prints? It comes together.

You’re wearing different textures? It comes together.

You’re wearing a monochromatic outfit; or a juxtapositional outfit? It all comes cohesively together.

The outfit doesn’t necessarily have to be a daring or eccentric; it can be a casual outfit; but the look all comes together in a creative expression. As an observer of the outfit you easily witness the person’s creative flow; and personally I love to watch someone’s creative expression come together like a masterpiece. 

Signature Style

A signature style is marching to the beat of your own drum when it comes to fashion; and making a stance to wear what you want to wear. It’s you confident declaration to showcase your own personal style, and to do your own thing. This is not a style that is heavily copied from someone else; or influenced by the viewpoints of others. A signature style is allows you to express who you, your own individuality; and your own creative self-expression.

A signature personal style not only communicates that a person is stylish; but it also exemplifies that this person is courageous. Although style acquisition; and the importance of embracing one’s personal style is a frequent conversation on social media; the mere fact is that a lot of people struggle when it comes to embracing their personal style; or embarking on the journey to find it because they care about the opinions of others.

“What are they going to say?”

“What are they going to think?”

“Do I look cool?”

“Do I look nice?”

A lot of people still don’t have the bold courage to step out with the energy of, “This is me and I’m going to wear what I want to wear; whether you like it or not.”

When you notice someone that disregards the opinions of others; and stands firm in their individuality by wearing what they want to wear; it’s always a powerful statement. Style isn’t a performance to them. They aren’t wearing their clothing to perform for others; or to show off for others at all. Style is personal. These particular individuals are the one’s who take style advice; but make a conscious effort to add it to their own recipe. They aren’t looking to steal the secret sauces from others; they are inventing their own.

Whether I would wear what I observe another individual wear or not; or whether it speaks to my style; that isn’t the point. What matters is the fact that someone else in this world had the courage and the confidence to create their own rules.

Versatility | Keeping People on Their Toes

Another instance that will make someone appear instantly stylish is when you keep me on my toes. In most cases, this is referring to people I know in my personal life, fashion influencers; or anyone I follow on social media and I appreciate their style expression.

When you keep me on my toes; and I have no idea what you’re going to wear, or what you’re going to put on next; I love that! I love witnessing an individual who has completely mastered the art of versatility when it comes to their own personal style. A fashion lover who has no issue being a style chameleon; and executing it amazingly well.

Master The Styling Of Statement Pieces

A statement piece is a standout factor; but it can overpower you, or you can give it all of the power. Mastering the styling of statement pieces by knowing precisely where the statement piece should be displayed in an outfit; can make a person look instantly stylish. What takes this to another level; is when the person knows how to style the right amount of statement pieces in an outfit; without clashing or overpowering the look.

Whether it’s the dazzling accessories, iconic shoes, striking dress, or bold pants; you know how to give any statement piece power.

Knowing How To Accessorize (especially in your own way)

Accessories are the icing on the cake; and in this case they’re the icing to your outfit. They are the conversations starters that hold the style power to take all your cool outfits to the next level.

It’s a beautiful thing when people have accessories that are really personal and dear to them; allowing them to share their story. When people know how to display their individuality with their accessories, while cohesively bringing the entire look together; they look instantly stylish.

The Right Shoe With The Right Outfit

When someone has a stylish outfit on; and their impeccable shoes compliment the entire look; they look instantly stylish.

This style hack can be tricky for some people because although some people can style an entire look; when it comes to the shoe they tend to feel stumped. The good news is this skill can be efficiently acquired with patience, practice and time.

Stylish Outerwear

I’ve observed anytime I go to the thrift store or vintage store; and I see someone that has an amazing outfit on; the first thing that will catch my attention is their outerwear. After noticing the stylish outerwear; I then find myself noticing the entire outfit.

I remember when I went to London in 2023; and I was leaving this vintage store called Rocket and as I was leaving I saw this woman in the store that had this white monochromatic outfit; and she was wearing this Pennylane coat that screamed the fashion moment. Her entire outfit was so fly; but I realized what initially caught my eye was the pennylane coat. Stylish outerwear is a layering piece that can make an outfit stand out, level up, and truly personalized.

Mastering Oversized and Baggy Jeans

A fashion icon that stands the test of time; and was a trendsetter for doing this was the singer Aaliyah. Aaliyah was known for her cool girl baggy styles; and rocking them with this air of effortless swagger. She was constantly communicating with her outfits, “I’m that girl and I know it”.

An individual who has mastered wearing oversized and baggy styles exceptionally well; makes them look instantly stylish.

Self-Love & Style Confidence

Style confidence and self-love both go hand in hand in life; and along one’s style journey. It’s vital to have style confidence in what you wear and in your style choices; but it’s also vital to love yourself, to love who you are; and to love your individuality.

Of course self-love is a forever thing; and yes none of us are perfect people; we are all imperfect human beings; but we are all UNIQUE.

People that make it a daily reminder to embrace what makes them unique, to appreciate and value themselves, and stay to themselves and their style; look instantly stylish.

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