By: Key Michel

While crochet has been around since the 1920s; its boom in the fashion industry made waves in the 1960s. It was during this era in fashion where people witnessed the expansion of crochet in fashion; all the way to homeware and decor. As fashion cycles repeat themselves throughout the years; the emergence of this vintage trend has been making the talk of the summer. Crochet has been marketed everywhere both online and offline; with similar styles being advertised increasingly.

With summer 2024 predicted to be a tropical affair; the hibiscus flower has gained massively popularity. The hibiscus flower can be observed creatively crocheted on tops, shalls, skirts; and handbags; giving your summer outfits radiance and femininity.

Crochet handbags have become super popular; ranging from floral designs, to up-cycled embellished pieces. Crochet handbags with a bejeweled design have become an up-cycled project for fashion enthusiasts who are interested in reimagining styles in their own way.

I recommend that you purchase a crochet bag that you love; and buy jewels to put on the bag via Amazon or any Arts & Crafts store; if this style hack interest you. Crochet handbags can be purchased without any additional up-cycling; but up-cycling them reminds people that fashion is indeed a form of art.

Crochet dresses and skirts are popular styles in 2024; giving you a chance to implement a boho vibe and a fashion statement into your summer wardrobe. The versatility in dresses and skirts demonstrate their ability to be worn in a plethora of ways; and occasions.

These crochet styles are the perfect free spirited attire; to look like you did a lot; without actually doing much at all. For your next summer getaway coming up; make sure you pack some unique crochet pieces; and prepare for your outfits to be the ultimate conversation starter.

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