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The 80/20 rule states that 20 percent of inputs results in 80 percent of outputs; and when it comes to the handbags in your wardrobe; 20% of the handbags in your wardrobe mostly likely result in the one’s that you actually wear. Perhaps you have one handbag that is your go-to; the one that you wear almost every day. The mission should always be to rewear your accessories; but you also want to make sure that you have a versatile collection to match your style needs.

Vintage handbags have always been in style; but with the rise of vintage inspired fashion these handbags have become the perfect accessory for any occasion; whether it’s a quick errand, or a classy evening event.

Keep scrolling to get the best vintage handbag styles to wear; for the right occassion

Casual Everyday Inspo

A solid color handbag is great for a casual everyday look. They are easy to style, and can compliment various outfit choices. You may be thinking that the color of the handbag has to solely be black; but that is far from the case. It truly depends on whether you want your solid color handbag to serve as a statement color; or if you want it to neutralize your outfit.

For example, my casual everyday bag is candy red; and it serves as the statement to many of my outfits. I may not always have red within my outfit, but the purse always manages to serve as the best statement piece; without throwing any of my outfits off. My everyday bag also has long straps, and this is something to ask yourself; do you want an everyday bag that has long straps, adjustable straps, short straps or duffle bag style. Make sure you add your lifestyle, and your comfort level into the equation.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to having only one everyday bag. Of course these bags are called this because you will find yourself wearing them more than the others in your wardrobe; but you are free to acquire more than one.

All About Date Night

Date night handbags should exude classy, sexy and alluring vibes. Sequins, baguette style bags, unique clutches, chain purses to name a few; are standout options for a date night. You always want to ask yourself the energy you want to give with your outfit; because it will help you know the type of handbag to wear.

For example, if you are wearing a sexy slip dress, style it with a statement vintage clutch, this will give off a very bold but sensual look.

I’m On My Fashion Icon Energy

You will always have those days during the week; where you want to show up and show out with your personal style. Now there is nothing wrong with a causal slay; but you woke up wanting to serve lewks; and that’s exactly what you’re going to do.

It’s on those days when you have to put your casual everyday bag to the side; and pull out the vintage handbags that are the gems in your wardrobe. These bags are typically eye-catching, filled with character, uniquely shaped, and beautifully designed. These bags also do a phenomenal job representing your personal style to the fullest.

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