By: Key Michel

Spring is a timeframe for new beginnings, longer daylight, and brighter colors. This season there is a new shade that is the talk of the town. Butter Yellow is a hue that is similar to the popcorn at a movie theater. It’s creamy, standout and mellow appearance makes it fitting for all of your stylish spring looks. In addition, yellow is a color that magnetically boosts your aura and mood; so butter yellow is the perfect color to raise your vibration.

It can be styled as a standout factor in an outfit; appearing as a subtle statement piece and drawing attention to your look.

Go Monochrome with butter yellow by styling it from head to toe; creating a chic and cohesive look.

Feminine dresses in butter yellow whether they are casual, eclectic, short or long are always sleek, flirty and fun.

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