By: Key Michel

The new year brings a wave of new beginnings; and new energy into your life. This freshness can inspire people to want to make a change in areas of their life; one being their style. You may be on a quest to revamp your personal style in the new year; and this article will give you the guidance to accomplish that. It’s the year of fulfilling all of your style dreams; and loving all of the outfits that you wear! The mission is to be a fashion statement everywhere you go; so wearing the best looks is your mantra this year.

Style Tips To Achieve Style Growth In 2024

Get Clear On What You Want To Experiment With; Or Implement More Into Your Style

Be intentional about your style choices this year; and purchase items that you love, that you want to experiment with; or implement more into your style. The more you make conscious decisions about the new additions to your style; the more your love and appreciation for your looks will expand.

Take your time analyzing your wardrobe; and figure out the closet additions that you don’t have; and desire to implement.

Be bold, and take a ton of style risk!

Learn More About Yourself

It’s a little deeper than understanding your likes and dislikes; but who are you?

How do you want to communicate who you are this year?

What do you want to express authentically about yourself; with what you wear?

Learn more about yourself will allow you to shine the highest form of who you are with what you wear.

Dress Up More; Stop Saving Outfits

What are you waiting for? The time is now to show up; and show out!

Look your best this year wherever you go; and stop waiting for your birthday, events, or any special occasion to let your style shine.

More Vintage Please!

The rare and unique attributes of vintage pieces make must have; and a style staple. Discover all of the style eras that speak to you; and combine your vintage pieces to create fashionable looks.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

Accessories always give your outfits a personalized touch. They are often the last pieces you add to an outfit; serving as the icing on the cake; and the extra statement to any look.

What type of accessories do you want to experiment more with?

What don’t you own; that you would like to try?

What accessories do you already own; that you can find new ways to style?

Experiment With Your Hairstyles

Switch it up; and try something new!

Your hairstyle can level up an outfit, serve as a statement piece; stand as the attractor of an outfit; and bring an entire look together.

Mix & Match Different Textures Together

Create a contrast in your outfits by mixing and matching different textures together. This style tip creates looks that are always unique to the eye. You will be encouraged to experiment by exploring texture combinations that suite you best.

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