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Animal print is a reoccurring staple that is cemented in fashion. The trend became popular in the 1930s; and with each decade it has only marked its territory in the industry. Due to its mainstream popularity; people are often seen wearing animal print in synonymous ways. The good news is for anyone wanting to develop out of the box ways to wear animal print; your wish comes true today.

Here are the 4 out of the box ways to wear animal print; and create a fashion moment

Statement Jewelry

Animal Print Statement Jewelry gives an outfit a stellar pop while guaranteeing that your will give a bold and daring presentation.

Style Tip: Pair statement animal print jewelry; with a complimentary monochromatic outfit; and step out knowing your that girl.

Small Details Within Clothing or Accessories

The buttons on a blouse, the trimming of a jacket, the collar of a blazer, the cuffs of sleeves; a touch of animal print detail in a garment is a unique way to wear the trend. A small detail of animal print; designed in the right places creates a standout factor. It can be as small as the buttons on a blazer; that instantly adds more personality to your look.

Thrift Find | Zara Top With Cheetah Print Buttons

Experiment With Eclectic Designs

Stir up a conversation by wearing animal print in eclectic and stylish designs such as patchwork, multicolor, color-block; acrisp images of the animal and more!

Via Key To Fashion Poshmark (Click Images)

Textured Styles Other Than Faux Fur (leather, sheer, lace, bedazzled)

Trade in the common textures you typically see animal print in; for textures that are less mainstream. For example rhinestone, corduroy, sheer, and leather. Explore new textures; while you experiment with you animal print styles as well.

Experimenting With Different Animal Prints

Cheetah print is a popular print style; and is the number one go-to for majority of animal print lovers. Experiment with less commonly discussed prints such as giffare, cow, or zebra; and discover innovate ways to style them!

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