So you’re a thrift rookie, looking to become a pro huh?

Well you come to the right place!

A lot of Fashion Icons, have been asking, for the best Key To Fashion vintage hacks, and tips!

Below are the top 6 hacks, that will make you go from a thrift rookie, to a thrift pro!

1) Be Open-Minded

Often times, many people tell rookies to go into thrift stores, both online and offline, with a vision in mind. With a list of things that they are currently looking for, so they don’t get a whole bunch of unnecessary stuff. Or with fashion inspiration, to imitate the styles, their favorite fashion gurus wear.

Here at Key To Fashion, we believe that the more open-minded you are when you thrift, the more creative you will get. Fashion is art. The inspiration you are seeking; all comes from within.

The more open-minded you are when you thrift, the better you will become. And in return the more confident you become, the more your style will grow. It’s like a ripple effect.

Be open-minded when you thrift, you will not regret it!

2) Forget About The Size, Focus On The Aesthetic

You might find something that you absolutely LOVE, but it’s not your size at all. It’s a little too big, and you can’t see yourself wearing a gem that isn’t  your size.

Listen, some of the best gems thrifters find, are the gems that are not their size.

Also for fashion lovers that may be more body conscious about their body types. When you allow yourself to forget about the size, and focus more on the aesthetic of the gem, it forces you to be less body focus and more fashion focus!

We all know the fashion industry can be really superficial at times, when it comes to body sizes. But when you thrift, it’s really all about painting your own canvas.

When I first started thrifting, most of the gems I would find, were oversized, and I loved the fit. Mind you, I was about 40 pounds heavier than I’m now, but wearing over-sized gems didn’t make me feel heavier or bigger, because I was too focused on the aesthetic of the gems that I was finding.

3) Quality Over Quantity Any Day

Now, this one is a big deal! I honestly don’t think there is anything wrong with a thrifter, getting a whole bunch of gems that they love, because the price is right. Especially when many of those gems are super rare!

But with that being said, it is essential that rookie thrifters focus on the quality of the gems that they are getting, over the quantity.

Here at Key To Fashion, every gem has great quality, and is always throughly inspected. But when you shop at your local brick and mortar thrift stores, it is important to inspect your gems throughly.

Major Tips:

– When inspecting items that have zippers, always check the zippers, to see if it is jammed or not.

– When inspecting pants, always check the crotches, the pockets to see how worn they are, and the bottoms.

– When inspecting tops, always inspect for stains, pullys ( which are those little round balls that worn items tend to have sometimes), check the armpits, and feel the overall material to see if it is something that will make you feel comfortable.

– When inspecting jackets, always inspect the interior of the jacket. Sometimes the jackets can look good on the outside, but have rips and stains on the inside.

These are simply a few hacks, but there are certainly several more!

Also, many brick and mortar thrift stores nowadays, are striving to change their inventory selection, to gems that are inspected and gently-used. But never hesitate to inspect your gems!

Remember: Quality over Quantity!

4) If You Question The Gem, Then Get The Gem

Recently, there was a thrift tip that was posted on the Key To Fashion IG page, that stated this tip. Often times when you thrift you will come across a gem, that you start to question.

You may ask yourself questions such as

“Can I pull this off?”

”Would this look good on me?”

”Is this even my style?”

If you have to ask yourself these question, 9 times out of 10, that is a clear indicator that you need to get the gem, and experiment with it!

When I first started thrifting, any gem that I had to question, once I got the gem, I was SO happy that I purchased it, because it ended up being my favorite piece!

I still own gems that I can’t seem to part ways with, and these were the gems that I questioned!

This is where hack #1 comes into play again: Be open-minded. And in return, your style and wardrobe will thank you!

5) Take Your Sweet Time

Thrifting isn’t a rushed process. It isn’t like other shopping experiences, where you feel the need to look quickly through items to see what you like. or don’t like, so you can get out and head to the next store.

There is a reason why many thrifters refer to thrifted items as “Gems”, because that is exactly what they are looking for!

You are in a treasure hunt, looking for the hottest gems that you can find! When you rush, you will rush past the gems that speak to you the most!

Also, thrifting is a therapeutic experience. A lot of pro thrifters, thrift because they see it as a form of therapy. That is what makes this realm of fashion so unique! It’s not only a way to get some of the flyest gems you have ever seen, but it serves as a therapeutic hobby for many!

6) Use Your Imagination

Imagination is essential in several facets of our lives,  and thrifting is certainly one of them! Using your imagination, helps a lot when you come across a gem, that you are uncertain about, but you really like. You may ask yourself,

“How will I style this gem?”

”I’m not sure how I can pull this off”

That’s when your imagination comes into play! And if you think you lack imagination, trust me you got it!

Perhaps you may have to tap into a little more!

Imagination is a key aspect of creativity. Allow your mind to envision what the gem can look like, and what you can transform it to be!

Now that your reached the end, what thrift hack will you be using?

As always, Key To Fashion is here not only to support you with finding the flyest gems that speak to your individuality. But the brand is also here to support you in becoming more confident with your style, and being that fashion icon that you ultimately want to be!

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As always thanks for reading Fashion Icons!




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