By: Key Michel

If you have been pondering upon how you can make your outfits 10 times better; well I have a trick for you. Juxtaposition in fashion is certainly a hidden gem; but once it’s discovered it has the power to elevate your eye for style; and spring upon your courage to experiment.

Juxtaposition in fashion is the concept of adding two contrasting styles together to create a unique and dynamic look. Another way to perceive this concept is imagining two different styles that have two completely different vibes coming together to create a signature look.

The cool thing about juxtaposition is their ability to enhance your style confidence while simultaneously supporting you in being more innovative with your style choices. Juxtaposition reminds you that fashion is indeed art by inspiring you to create.

There are several juxtapositional combinations that you can create; and here are a few examples that will feed your style needs.

  1. Pairing a masculine style; with a feminine style. An example of this is a masculine jacket or blazer: with a more feminine dress.
  2. Pairing two different aspects of your personal style together. This is also known as style aesthetics. An example of this is a person who loves streetwear; but they also love 90’s glam; how can that person put these two contrasting aspects of their personal style together to create a juxtapositional outfit?
  3. Pairing two different vintage eras together. An example of this is pairing contrasting styles from the 60’s with styles from the early 2000s
  4. Pairing contrasting accessories with your outfit. An example of this is wearing an outfit that is very casual chic with jewelry that is for dressed up occasions.

Now you don’t have to only have one juxtaposition in your outfit. As you become more confident and comfortable with this; you will begin to incorporate more than one juxtaposition with your look.

If you are new to juxtaposition the best advice is to start off small; and don’t feel compelled to make any big contrasting juxtapositions right away. With time, confidence and consistent experimentation your outfits will only continue to get better. In addition, celebrate your small wins; and don’t be so quick to give up so fast. If you don’t like your first outfit, or even your second don’t give up right away. No matter where you are in your personal style journey; strive to have a growth mindset when it comes to fashion; and always remind yourself that you can only get better with time.

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