By: Key Michel

Ruffles have taken over on these style streets, being seen in various eclectic designs; and creatively showcased as an expression of personal style. Popular in the early 2000s; these Y2K fashion faves have circled back around; adding an air of charm to anything you wear. The appearance of ruffles on a garment exudes a sensual energy; especially when they are placed perfectly.

Important hacks to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect piece is be mindful of the quality, size, and placement of the ruffles; so your item doesn’t appear cheap or distracting. Strive to find ruffle styles that have a dreamy feel, an eye-catching aura; and a soft essence to them.

Experiment with asymmetrical ruffle styles

Ruffle styles that are longer in length add a bit of femininity and detail to a look.

Ruffle styles with an added flair such as a bold 3D rose; creates a statement factor.

Stylish ruffle bottoms always give an outfit pizzaz and character

On a dress; it’s essential for the ruffles to be placed on the right part of the dress.

Ruffles can be designed as delicate trimmings on a garment; backing up its reputation of romanticism.

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