In the fashion world, trends are always coming and going. But it doesn’t change the fact that, when trends are here. A lot of fashion lovers, are ready to pick their favorite styles. And ready to rock their favorite looks for the season.

Now, personally when I scroll through my IG timeline. I get tired of seeing people with the same looks. And I think what makes it even harder. Is that as frequent thrifter. Many of these trends have existed in the thrift store, for quite sometime.

For example, they’re a lot of vintage styles, and 80’s and 90’s styles. That have been in the thrift stores for YEARSSSS, but are trending now.

I definitely don’t think there is anything wrong with wearing trends. But I do think that it starts to get slightly boring seeing a lot of fashionistas on my social media platforms. Or in person.

Wear similar looks, in similar ways.

I’m really big on originality, and I know more fashion lovers have the ability to be trendsetters,  than trend wearers. And I want to let you know a way that you can achieve that.

Thrifting Baby!

Now listen, when you thrift, you are literally ahead of the trends! You are seeing things, that have not been out in the modern day fashion market yet. And probably won’t be out for some years. But it doesn’t take you thrifting once. Or thrifting here and there.  To become a fashion lover that is ahead of the trends.

Thrift Often!

At thrift stores new things are always coming, and going daily. Depending on the size of the store. New gems can come in, every hour. To every few minutes.

For example, when I worked as a Fashion Buyer for Plato’s Closet ( a Buy, Sell, Trade store). I constantly witnessed the dopest things come in, and out. Many of those times, I would buy gems items into the store, and be the same person buying them out! I couldn’t help it lol.

I think it was more of the excitement of seeing dope styles come in everyday, than anything!

So I definitely reccommend thrifting often readers. I know some of you are still trying to learn more about thrifting. And some of you all may still be trying to get comfortable with it.

But I can guarantee if you start to thrift often, that dope swag of yours is definitely going to change. And for the better.

Pick Up Things That Are Out There. Daring & Different.

If you’ve never seen anything like it before. But it catches your eyes. Than buy it. Even if you’ve rarely seen people wear it before. Or it’s not currently on the trending market.

If it catches your eye.

If it intrigues you.

If it makes you say, “ I like this, but I don’t know how I would wear it”.

Than pick that thang up.

Those are the type of items you should be picking up. Typically those daring and different items that you see at the thrift stores. Are the items that will most likely be trending in the next few years.

I can’t tell you how many gems I purchased when I first started thrifting in college, that are trending now. But that’s what I appreciate about thrifting in the beginning. The fact that I was seeing items, that I was seeing in mainstream fashion.

Pushing me to be that trendsetter, that I knew I could be.

Purchase those out of season faves. That catch your eye.

Even if you are currently in one season. And you see an item in the thrift store that is for a completely different season. If it catches your eye, and you like it. Than purchase it. I guarantee you that

1) It will be a trend for a season to come


2) It will be a trend for the next season to come.

Either way, you will be ahead of the game. And the more you thrift, it won’t take you long for you to start realizing that.

Personal Thrift Examples:

An example of an item that I purchased YEARS ago, that is now trending in mainstream fashion.

The Vintage MJ inspired Sequin Jacket:

This is currently a trend for the month of December. And for this years holiday season. And I’m loving it! But at the same time, I can’t help but think to myself.

”This trend has been around in the thrift stores for YEARSSSSSSSSSS!!!”

So before you go on with your day today.

I must ask you, what are your thoughts?

Is it shocking to you that thrifting can make you a trendsetter?

Or are you ready to become that trendsetter that you know you can be?

Let’s Talk Below✨


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