Almost all of us have had the experience of shopping in a store. And picking up an item that you like. Only to notice someone else in the store, with the same item grasped in their hands.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but in the beginning of my style journey that shit used to irk me! Lolll.

Maybe you’re a reader that has never been phased by the sight of seeing someone else with the same item in their hand. Most likely you already expect it, shopping at popular stores.

For many fashion lovers, and individualist, the mere thought of seeing anyone with an item that you have on can can sometimes be a bothersome sight. Even though we all know it shouldn’t be. But we are in the era of the millennials, where everyone wants to do their own thing.

Personally, Zara, Nasty Gal, and Urban Outfitters are among the few popular stores that I favor.

And even though I know I might run into a customer rockin’ the same item, I know that whatever item I may find I will wear it my own way.

What makes resale fashion unique, is that the support for individuality is already provided for the customers. Typically in resale fashion stores there is only one item of its kind. Giving the shopping experience, a treasure hunt feel.

Resale Fashion Stores, have been widely associated with thrift stores. But in recent years, many of the establishments have transformed their historic disorganized, and dusty trademark. To clean and organized retail modeled stores.

Today the resale fashion industry is one of the fastest growing industries in retail.

Although the field is thriving and growing, it is still a realm of fashion, that a lot of people still need to get acquainted with.

I noticed at my Blog Launch celebration/pop-up shop last month, that a lot of people were very unfamiliar with resale fashion. I also got the sense, that some of the guest were a little skeptical about buying used clothing.

I got a lot of questions, such as,

”Are the items all your clothing?”

”Where did you get the clothes from?”

”Are all the clothes used?

I didn’t take any of the questions personally. Because many of the people that were asking me this, were Black. And I know that resale fashion isn’t a field that a lot of Black people typically enter in.

I know there are some Black people that thrift and enjoy thrifting. But it’s still something that isnt popular in the community. I believe it’s important for me to not only educate humanity about resale fashion.

But I have to educate more Black people on resale fashion.

I want to teach Black people how shopping resale can give many of them a better quality of life.

You can find stylish. Unique. And  fashionable.

Without breaking the bank!

Below is a breakdown of the resale fashion realm. As well as local stores in the Boston area!

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are resale stores that are donation-based only. Being a donation-based store, customers are granted the option of donating clothes. To receive a percentage reduced from their taxes. Thrift stores are typically non-profit stores. Meaning they’re established to make money to support a specific charity or cause.

In the past, thrift stores were widely known for being dusty. disorganized. And musty establishments.

But now, many thrift stores have become more neat in appearance. With some even striving to imitate traditional retail store models.

List of Thrift Stores in The Boston Area

  • Savers
  • Boomerangs
  • Boomerangs Special Edition
  • Urban Renewals
  • The Goodwill Store

Consignment Shops

Consignment shops are resale fashion stores that grant the customer the option of not only buying items. But the option to consign items as well.

By becoming a consigner. Customes can have their clothing, shoes or accessories. Displayed in a consignment shop. So that it can be potentially purchased by one of the stores targeted consumers.

These resale fashion stores can vary in:


customer demographic

a specific gender.

Age group


timeframe of clothing ( such as only vintage)

and value.

Consignment shops usually ask that the item/s be clean. Neatly bagged up. And appeal to the target audience of the store. Consignment stores differ on their stores policies. But almost all consignment shops have a certain amount of days. That an item can stay on consignment. In addition to a split percentage, between the owner and customer after the item is sold.

For example, some consignment stores hold items on sale for 60 days. And will give the owner 40 percent of for selling price. And they will keep 60 percent.

Not only does this store concept support individuality and affordability as a shopper. But it also gives shoppers the option to make money.

While giving back at the same time.

List of Consignment Stores in the Boston Area:

  • Raspberry Beret
  • Bobby From Boston
  • Oona’s Boston
  • Revolt
  • Castanet Designer Consignment
  • Encore Exchange

Buy, Sell, Trade Stores

Buy, Sell, Trade Stores are resale fashion stores where customers have the options of

1) buying clothing

2) seling clothing

or 3) trading clothing for clothes or money towards a purchase.

Unlike consignment stores, customers receive cash on the spot. As a former Fashion Buyer, at Plato’s Closet, I noticed that a lot of people  tend to appreciate this concept. Because of the instant cash on the spot component.

Similar to consignment shops. It’s important to know the stores demographic, and the brands that they favors. Before attempting to sell your items to the store.

List of Buy, Sell, Trade Stores in The Boston Area:

  • Buffalo Exchange
  • Thrive Exchange

Resale Stores

Resale Stores are thrift stores that sell second hand clothing, usually from a supplier. But they do not take donations. And they do not give money in exchange for customer clothing.

They also do not give anyone a deduction for their taxes.

These types of stores are very common in London.

List of Resale Shops in Boston

  • The Garment District
  • Vivant Vintage
  • Bobby from Boston
  • 24 South Street

Online Resale Fashion Stores

The E-commerce side of the resale fashion field has really been making its presence known. The rapid online growth of the industry. Has caused many brick and mortar establishments (such as all of the ones I’ve stated above). To find different ways to compete with the online market.

The online resale market allows consumers the option of either buying, consigning, and selling online.

Also, similar to brick and mortar stores, E-commerce resale fashion sites, vary in the demographic that they serve. And the items that they sell, buy, or consign.

List of E-Commerce Resale Fashion Sites:

  • Thread Up
  • The Real Real
  • Asos Marketplace
  • Etsy
  • Vestiaire
  • Reba
  • Luxury Resale Network
  • Ebay
  • Poshmark App
  • Flight Club
  • Beyond Retro

I hope after this post that you all have a better understanding of the resale fashion industry.

For the Boston residents. I recommend you all  check out the list of stores, that I placed within the blog post.

And for the out of state readers. If you ever come to Boston, please check out these stores during your stay!

Mark my words!

In a few years, Resale Fashion will be the biggest leading entity in Fashion!

It will be huge! I can see the vision!

So remember you read that here loll.

But also, start thrifting now!

What stores do you like to shop at in Boston?

Or in Massachusetts?

Or Our of state?

Or in your City or State?

Let me know below! 👇🏿

Especially for the out of state folks please let me know!

So when I come to your city I have somewhere to go lol.

I try my best to thrift everywhere I go!



Thanks for stopping by!



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If you have Bank of America, Savers has cash back opportunities for there. I’m in there monthly buying things. I even got my moms birthday present from there (a picture frame that has a bunch of little frames for pictures I decided to do a photo shoot with all of my nieces & nephews to gift her)

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