By: Key Michel

Patchwork denim initially soared into popularity in the 70s’; and as the saying goes fashion always repeats itself. This style of denim comes and goes throughout the fashion eras; but in the early 2020s it has been seen everywhere.

Patchwork is the perfect combination of modern meets vintage. They look vintage because the style originated over 50 years ago; but the denim material makes it look very modern. This denim style is eccentric, daring and very statement driven.

For some thrifters, patchwork denim has become a common DIY and up-cycled project to engage in. Many thrifters travel to their local thrift stores searching for jeans to rework in a patchwork style; often inspired by their Pinterest boards.

If you want to make a fashion state everywhere you go? Two Words: Patchwork Denim.

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Style Tip: One of the best things about patchwork denim bottoms are their versatility. You can style them with a variety of tops. For example, you can wear a one color top, a stripped top, a statement top, a bold color top, a casual top, crop top, a sheer top; you have so many options to choose from!
No Patchwork denim style is hardly ever the same; which adds a lot of individuality to your outfit.

Patchwork can also serve as your accessories; which includes your bags, hats; or even your shoes.

Style Tip: Your patchwork accessories can serve as your statement piece. For example, you can wear a monochrome outfit; with a patchwork bucket hat.
A patchwork oversized shirt; or jean jacket is a bold way to top off any look.
Patchwork denim will always and forever turn heads!

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