Happy New Year To You 🎊✨!!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m still adjusting to the fact that it is officially 2019.

Where did the time go?!!!!!

Random Side Note: 90’s & late 80’s babies.

Do you all remember when it was about to be the year 2000?

I remember Nickelodeon kept talking about it over and over again! It made me scared in a sense, because I kept wondering,

what is going to happen in the year 2000?

Fast forward 19 years later, and we are all young adults. Trying to make our individual marks in this big, but small world.

I know every New Year, there is always that,

“New Year, New Me”

chant that is often said by many.

As cliche as the saying may be. I know it comes from a place of wanting better for one’s self.

And personally, I have respect for anyone who wants to better themself, in the upcoming new year.

But what about your style though?

You’re style is probably something in your life, that is often times overlooked when it comes to improving or enhancing it, in the new year.

Most of the time when people write goals, they’re about their personal lives, their professional lives, or the adventures and experiences that they want to gain in the new year.

For 2019, I want you to think about how can you enhance your style?

So I’m not asking you to transform your entire personal expression. But I want you to think about,

How can you support your own style GROWTH in 2019?

I think it’s important for our personal styles to match our personal growth and maturity. Every year I noticed that my style enhances.

I still have my blueprint, which stands for my personal style faves. And the things that I wear a lot of.

Some examples of that would be dynamic colors, eye-catching prints, eccentric looks, and daring and sexy styles!

But no matter what, each year something about my style enhances.

And it’s always for the better!

The Winter Time is a perfect time to try new looks, and try to grow your style. Also, this timeframe will test your ability to do it!

The winter time is not always the easiest for some fashion lovers.

But I stand firm on the notion, that, “if you can slay in the winter, you can slay anytime” 💯.

Here are a few tips, to help you grow your personal style this year!

1) Think of at least 5 new looks you want to try this year.

It can be anything you have ever wanted to try, or anything you have every wanted to experiment with. Try to incorporate it, into you 2019 looks!

2) Think about your style blueprint. What are the looks that you typically wear?

Okay, now that you have that down, my advice to you is, think about your blueprint. Are you satisfied with it? And if not, what look speaks to you? Or even colors?

Are you someone that wears a lot of Black?

How can you step out of your comfort zone?

3) When wearing Trends this year. Try your best to always ask yourself,

“How can I wear this trend, or style this trend, in my own way?”

I don’t think there is anything wrong with wearing trends. At all. But I like to always encourage people to think about how they can wear the current trend, in their own way.

4) Don’t be so quick to let go of old trends.

Trends come, and trends go. And sometimes, well most of the time, the trends that go, come back!

So if you are someone that was really into the animal print trend this past Fall 2018, but you feel like it’s now January 2019, and you shouldn’t be wearing animal print anymore.

Wear your animal print!

It’s the winter time now, so you can even challenge yourself to find ways to incorporate that Fall 2018 trend. Into your Winter 2019 looks!

5) Think about who you want to become this year. And how you want to express that.

How do you want to express yourself?

Who are you striving to become?

How can you convey that energy with what you wear?

6) Think about the items in your closet that are rusting away.

Either you don’t know how to style that item. Or you only wore it once.

Maybe you don’t even like the item anymore, so in that case I urge you to get it out of your closet!

But if you do like the item still, think about how you can style that item to fit your current look?

Or how can you style that item, to fit the look that you want to give off this year?

7) Think about what you are generally tired of wearing.

What can you subsitute those items for?

8) Think about some of your favorite style choices of 2018. What made you love those looks.

And how can you switch those looks up?

9) Shop More Alone.

If you really want to improve your style, than you need to take more time shopping alone. I know we are in the millennial era, so many of us online shop.

But if you do shop in the stores, I encourage you to go alone.

10) Thrift, Thrift, Thrift!

As I’ve stated before, “When you frequently thrift shop, you end up being ahead of the trends.”

Who can beat getting 5 items, for 20 dollars? Or sometimes less.

Who can beat getting an item 3 years ago, that is now trending in the current year” ?

Who can beat style growth, on a treasure hunt budget?

Now, not only can you shop at brick and mortar stores, but you can also thrift shop online!

11) Try your best not to compare your style to others, or imitate the styles of others.

Keywords here: Your Style.

Comparing your style to others, not only sabotages your own style. Because your currently not focusing on it.

But …it’s not your style! Simple as that.

I noticed sometimes when people start to compare. It starts to urge some people to consciously or subconsciously, imitate the same style that they are comparing their style too!

I feel like social media plays a huge roll in this. You can tell when people are wearing things, because they think it’s the “in thing to wear”.

My advice in 2019. Don’t try to wear something just because you see everyone else wearing it.

Unless you genuinely like the time, than that’s a different story.

But try you best to enhance your own looks, and your own style with your own creativity!

This year, is the year to

Slay all year long 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I’m so excited for 2019 and all it has to bring!

and you should be too!

I hope I succeeded in adding some value to your day. If you wish to stay connected to the blog, subscribe below! 🎊.

Also, please feel free to connect with me via email, or any of my social media platforms. Even if you want to simply talk, or ask me a question!

So you got a chance to see my tips on how to grow your style.

What are some tips that you have, that you can share below?

What are some examples, of how you grew your style in 2018?


Until Next Time Fashion Killas!


Key To Fashion✨

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