We are still stuck in this Quarantine, Fashion Icon.

But Key To Fashion hopes that you are safe, that you have enough food in your fridge; that your family is safe, and that you’re keeping your spirits high!

With so much time on your hands, this is the perfect time to create!

Creating not only allows you to express yourself, but it allows you to channel whatever energy you may be currently feeling, into something productive.

Creating also boosts your self-confidence!

Here are 6 Ways To Stay Highly Creative In A Quarantine:

1) Create A Pinterest Vision Board

Pinterest is such an amazing visual platform, and what’s great about it, is the fact that people can use it for various reasons!

Some people use it to showcase their work, or their business. But other people also use it, for their own personal leisure and enjoyment.

Similar to a vision board that you would make on a poster board, creating a Pinterest vision board, really gets your creative juices running!

You can create your own boards, that can include some of your wildest dreams.

This can be for your career, your dream home, your dream travel trips, cooking recipes you want to try, etc.

This visual platform allows you to realize that your reality, doesn’t have to be your forever.

It also allows you to get super creative!

If you see it, and you want it, it can and will come true!

2) Tap into a new creative skill!

What is a creative skill that you have always wanted to try?

That you regret not trying earlier on in life?

That you love to do, but you never felt like you had enough time to do?

This quarantine period is the perfect time to try something new.

You can learn how to sew, take free creative courses such as photography lessons, start drawing again, writing poetry, writing music, and a YouTube channel, etc!

3) Up-cycle your clothes

Those jeans you have that you never wear, but you don’t want to throw away.

Those jackets you have that you never wear, but you don’t want to throw away.

How can you turn the old, into the new?

Can you distress those jeans?

Can you turn them into shorts

There are tons of videos online, especially on YouTube, showing creatives how to up-cycle their gems!

4) Start Writing

Start a blog!

We live in a world where you can create your own online blog, or website.

If you don’t want to start a blog, but you want to start writing, you can create a page on www.medium.com

You can write for other online websites and platforms, that are always looking for writers.

Also, you can create your own E-book, and put it on Amazon!

5) Create An Idea List

Erykah Badu said it best when she said, “Write Shit Down, And Watch Shit Get Real”

With a lot of time on your hands, a lot of ideas may be running through your mind.

Do yourself a favor and write every single idea down. Even if they don’t make any sense to you. They will make sense to you later.

Let’s say you love to cook, and next thing you know an idea of writing a cook book, comes to your mind.

Don’t neglect that idea, and allow doubt to kick in.

Get a notebook, a piece of paper, or you can use the notes app on your phone, and start to write those ideas down!

6) Think About Your Wildest Dreams, And Start To Brainstorm how you will achieve them.

Life is all about choices.

You can either live life as a doubter, or you can live life as a dreamer.

Dreamers, that dream big, will eventually become doers.

So start thinking about your dreams.

What is a dream that you have for your life, or have had for your life, that you still want to accomplish?

What is that dream that you find yourself saying to yourself, “I really wish I could pursue that?”

Why can’t you?

This is your life, if you want to make your dreams come true, than they will.

And if they don’t happen exactly how you planned it out, always believe that things will turn out better than you expected them to be!


Fashion Icon, what is one creative tip that you will be implementing into your quarantine period?

Key To Fashion is striving to motivate you, to believe in yourself, and to believe that things will get better with time.

If you don’t like watching the news, you don’t have to. If you feel like it’s too much to be on social media, than you don’t have to be on social media.

Use this time to focus on you, and the people that you love and care about the most.

But also, use this time to create!

Thanks for reading Fashion Icon!✨


Key To Fashion 💜✨

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