With so much going on in the world right now, it can be difficult to find your peace of mind. It may be difficult to relax, to not stress out, or to not have feelings of anxiety.

It may be difficult to not be confused; or it may be difficult for some people to try to empathize, and to care.

No matter where you stand on the spectrum, the facts remain that the Coronavirus has been disrupting the lives of many.

A lot of countries, and states in America, have been forced to go into quarantine.

In the state of Massachusetts, where Key To Fashion is based, everything has been cancelled from, schools and universities, to state-wide events, because the state is currently in a state of emergency.

It can feel like the world is spiraling out of control right now; remember that with every low in life, there is always a lesson behind it.

This teaches us as humans that, no matter the race, ethnicity, class, or sexual orientation; we are all human beings.

Despite all the labels that this society tries to cast upon us, we are all human beings.

It also makes us realize how unpredictable life is. Life isn’t short, life is unpredictable, and that’s what scares many people.

The notion that you are not in control; the notion of surrender. This crisis will teach more of us, to surrender.

It’s been great to see communities come together, and unite during this difficult timeframe, but it’s also vital for you, to take care of you.

As each day passes, and we learn more and more about this virus; the best thing you can do for yourself during this time, is to practice self-care.

Not the cliche self-care that you always read about, but progressive self-care hacks that will really make you feel like you are progressing in life, despite the world being in a standstill.

Here is the list of the 16 self-care hacks, you should practice during the coronavirus.

The mission is that you walk away, with at least one self care hack, that you you can practice during this timeframe.


1) Take Social Media Breaks

The Coronavirus is by far the biggest topic on social media. You cannot scroll on any social media site, without seeing it being discussed. The best part about it all, is that you don’t have to be on social media.

Life is all about choices, and if your social media platforms are causing you to feel more stressed,  or more anxious, then take a break.

If you follow insensitive people that are making a joke about the virus, unfollow them; or once again, take a break.

The choice is yours.

2) Change Your Bad Habits

Bad habits can be the biggest hinderance to anyone’s growth. This can include bad eating habits,  using vices to cope, or not taking care of your mental health. Whatever you consider to be a bad habit that you possess, this can be a great time to work on yourself, and the areas in your personal life, that you want to change.

3) Think More About Your Purpose

Thinking about your purpose, and what you have been called on earth to do, is one of the best things you can do for yourself, during a time of crisis. Purpose means, using your talents and gifts, with the combination of helping people.

The world needs more healing more than ever right now, so ask yourself, what can you do to bring that healing to the world?

How can you change the world for the better?

How can you restore hope and faith, in the lives of others?

4) Start A Side Hustle/ Build On A New Skill

Tap into that side hustle that you have been thinking about, or inconsistently working on.

Find a skill that you are either already good at, or interested in building on; and take this time to build on that skill.

Watch YouTube videos, listen to podcast, take this time to educate yourself on your side hustle; or the new skill you are striving to build on.

After the Coronavirus, there will be a recession in America, so the best thing Americans can do, especially Americans in the Gen-Z and Millennial demographic, is to start a side hustle now, or to acquire a new and profitable skill.

5) Get Creative | Tap into that inner child.

Desperate and hard times, can be the biggest ingredients for sparking ones creative juices. You don’t always need to leave your house, to create a masterpiece. Tap into your imagination, tap into your inner child, and ponder about what you can create during this timeframe.

How can your creativity help you during this time?

How can your creativity help others?

There will be a lot of people sharing more content during this timeframe online, but how can you add value to your followers?

6) Practice Gratitude

You might have to work from home now.

Your university might have gotten shut down for the semester.

Your spring break trip, might have gotten cancelled.

You might have been forced, to quarantine for weeks.

This might anger you and upset you, and you have ever right to feel how you feel. But who can be more upset here, than the people who have been diagnosed with the virus?

Who can be more upset here, than the people who are homeless, and have no where to stay?

Who can be more upset here, than the people who don’t family, or who don’t have enough resources or money, to feed their families during this timeframe?

It’s important to practice gratitude here. You might not think you have it all, but in someone else’s eyes, you do.

7) Build up on your nutrition and immune system.

Health is indeed wealth. Money will come and go, but your health is the most vital thing you have. Many people take their health for granted in life, but it’s important to take care of yourself.

During this timeframe, try your best to change your diet for the better, get good sources of vitamin C in your diet, drink tea and water, and take the time to research online, more ways that you can effectively boost your immune system.

8) Read A New Book

Reading can be fun to some, and boring to many. The thing is whether you like to read or not, reading is one of the biggest keys for success and growth.

Pick up that book you have been meaning to read at home, but you haven’t gotten the chance to.

Go online if you don’t have access to any new books, and go to amazon kindle, or audiobooks to discover new books to read.

There are also several other audiobook websites online too, such as scribe.

9) Connect with friends and family, as much as possible.

Whether you live with some family members or not, this is a timeframe where it’s so important for you to connect with your family.

Call the family members that may live alone, or do not live in the same state; or country as their family members.

Call the people in your lives, who you know don’t have family to turn to, and can use some of your compassion.

Social distancing, doesn’t mean social isolation. Connect with the people you care for, connect with the people you love.

10) Catch up on the shows you love to watch

If you have been unable to binge watch some of your favorite shows, or you have been missing the latest episodes of the shows you love; you can practice self-care, by doing that now.

Discover new shows, documentaries, or movies that interest you; and will most importantly; help put your mind at ease.

11) Keep your faith alive

Hard times test our faith more than anything. It’s so important to keep your faith alive. Faith can truly move mountains. Always remember that our thoughts whether negative or positive, can manifest and grow.

Challenge yourself to think positive thoughts, to be a light for others; and to always remember that in due time, everything will be okay. Without faith, life is surely a lot harder.

12) Find ways to stay active, even if you are being forced to quarantine.

Staying active is so important for the mind, body and the soul. If you are stuck at home, try not to stay in your bed all day. Get up, and find things to do around the house. There is always something that can be done.

If you want to work out, look for live stream workout videos; get innovative and create your own workout regime. Practice yoga, if you are a yogi. If you love to dance, than dance in your room!

13) Listen to music

Music can be a remedy for many. Listening to music, can transform ones emotions from feeling down and negative, to joyful and happy. Take time to listen to the music that speaks life into you.

At the same time, be mindful and consciousness of the music you are consuming.

Is the music going to make you feel more negative, or is the music going to make you feel uplifted, hopeful, and positive?

14) Journal

Everyone’s mind is running and racing, as we all take in what’s happening right now; and what will happen in the future.

Journaling can be a great way to get all those thoughts that are running in your head, freely out.

You may not know how to express how you deeply feeling to others. You may feel uncomfortable to express your true feelings.

If that’s the case, it’s okay, no need to worry, or feel ashamed. Instead write your thoughts down. You will receive a lot of clarity, once you get your thoughts out.

If you don’t own a journal, get innovative, find a notebook in your house, or use your phone notes as a journal if you have a smart phone. Use your email as a journal, and save the messages as a draft. There are many ways that you can get your thoughts out in writing.

15) Learn To Be Your Own Company

What is really making many people very anxious about having to stay home, is the lack of face to face social interaction.

A lot of people struggled with being alone, way before this global crisis even started.

If you are someone that has a hard time being alone, and being in your own company, this is the perfect time to work on that.

One of the biggest lessons everyone in life has to learn, is learning how to be alone; and learning to love and enjoy their own company.

16) Practice Empathy & Compassion

All the immature jokes about the Coronavirus, and the insensitive xenophobic remarks, shed light on the individuals in this world who lacks empathy and compassion.

Do yourself a favor, and don’t be like them.

Behind their laughter and immaturity, those are people that are scared, anxious, and feeling very lost.

Everything in life isn’t a joke.

There are many people who are suffering from this crisis, and it’s so important for everyone to practice empathy, and compassion during this time.

You get what you give out in life. Always remember that.

After making it to the end of this post, what did you take away?

What self-care hack will you be applying to your life during this timeframe?

Share your thoughts below!

Also, don’t forget to share this post, with others who may need to read this.

Key To Fashion will continue to shower you all with positive vibes, good faith, and empowerment, during this time.

Thanks for reading!


Key To Fashion✨

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