We are living in a generation, where entrepreneurship is completely and utterly glamorized, especially on social media.

Many people tend to watch the journeys and success stories of others, and tend to think,

“well hey if they said they monetized their business in 3 months or 6 months, well so can I.”

“If they made 6 figures in 6 months, well so can I.”

You learn early on in this path of entrepreneurship, that everyone’s else’s story, isn’t your own. That your own path is unique to you, because you are unique, and you have your own story to tell.

You also learn that everything you see isn’t always the truth, and instead of watching what others are doing, it is so important to focus on your own path, and your own journey to success.

Here are the 4 lessons you will learn, on your path as an entrepreneur

  1. Working for yourself, can be harder than working for someone else, but it’s so worth it

You don’t have someone telling you what you should do, or shouldn’t do everyday. It is up to you to motivate yourself, to fix the issues going on in your business; and to most importantly stay committed to your vision. You aren’t always going to make sales, so sometimes money can be up in the air; but you learn from those moments, and when you learn you grow, and in return so will your business. What makes it worth it, is the confidence you build, the personal and spiritual growth that you gain, and the reality of seeing your vision come to life. That in itself is priceless.

2. A lot of lonely days, a lot of lonely nights; but you will be alright

Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, success is a lonely journey and road. With entrepreneurship being a very unconventional path, you will find yourself diving into your business more than anything. Some people will get it, but some people won’t. Some people may not understand why you are up all night, or why you work long days; or why you are so passionate about this one idea.

You may miss out on events and gatherings at times, because you are focusing so much on your business; but try your best to have a great work life balance. Success is amazing, but so are the people that love and care about you the most.

3. You will find out who is really for you, and who isnt

This journey will absolutely show you, who is really in your corner. You may start to notice people acting different towards you, because you are simply chasing your dreams. It may confuse you, and sometimes it may even hurt your feelings; but recenter yourself and realize that it’s all a personal problem.

It has everything do with how they feel about themselves. If you find that you no longer want to be around these people, create a healthy boundary for yourself; but no need to me mean or nasty. You have a dream and a vision to continue to chase, and who ever really loves you and really wants to be there for you; will always be there for the long haul.

4. Faith and Patience will become your best friends

You will need faith and patience for your entire journey as an entrepreneur. You will have times we’re both of them will be tested; but you will have to foster even more faith, and even more patience to press on.

If you don’t have faith that you will succeed, than you will not succeed; and if you are rushing the process because of your own personal timeline, or what you see on Instagram, you will always feel an extreme amount of anxiety inside.

5. Failure is a lesson, it doesn’t mean you should end your business

Let’s say you are one year in business, and your business has failed. That doesn’t mean you should throw away the business entirely, how can you learn from that failure? What can you do differently? Also, what did you do well? Failure is simply a lesson learned.

There is a Nelson Mandela Quote that states, “I don’t fail, I either win or I learn” This is such an amazing quote, and a powerful one indeed. It really makes you sit back and look at your situation in a completely different way. Entrepreneurship like life, is all about the mindset and the perspectives that we hold. No matter what, believe in yourself, even if you failed; continue because eventually you will win.

6. If you can’t stop thinking about the vision; it’s because it’s your calling

You have been working on this business for years, and it’s all you think about; it’s all you want to do, because it’s your calling. It’s what you came on this earth to do. Always remember that when times get tough, that this is your calling; and it’s your mission to bring this vision out into the world.

The world needs you, you can either back away and refuse to contribute to the world, or you can press on and make your dreams come true, and change the world along the way.

7. You will learn new things about yourself each and every single day

The path as an entrepreneur will transform you more spiritually and personally, than anything else. Yes you will grow financially; but you will truly grow in a spiritual and personal way. You will discover things about yourself, hidden gems and talents that you never knew you had. Always remember, if you are feeling stuck in your business, it simply means it’s time for you to learn new skills to elevate it. Keep discovering those hidden talents that you possess within, keep growing as a person; and trust in the notion that all your dreams and visions will come true.

Keep going no matter what, you are so close to your breakthrough!

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