Hey What’s Up!

I know it’s been about a week since I posted some new content on the blog.

And while I do apologize to you. I can also explain why!

The site will be going under a few changes.

The changes were supposed to happen, and be done this week. But I decided to wait.

It has been a long week, of back and forth conversing with my web designer on what to do. But I decided to wait, because I think I’m making drastic changes too fast!

I’m experiencing amazing growth with my blog. But the way my mind works. I always think about how I can make something .. Better.

Especially since I’m an attention to detail kind of person.

Which can be a good thing. But it can also be a Bad thing. #VirgoMoonProblems 🙃 lol

I really wanted to surprise you with the changes though. That’s why I stalled on posting content for a few days.

I wanted you to come back on the site .. and BAM BAM! Lol

But there is a lesson behind this, that I need to slow down a little. Because good things do take time.

Three thing that this blogging journey is teaching me:

1) That things take time

2) Accepting that I can’t control everything.

3) Use my voice more, and write a little less.

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