Merry Thriftmas Everyone!!!

Tis’ the season for unique looks, styles & DEALS!

This entire month everything on the site will be BELOW $15 dollars! Sale items will be 50% off the additional sale price. This is a wipeout sale! Everything MUST go!

Out with the old, so we can make room for the new!

For Boston/Massachusetts Residents: If you don’t want to pay for shipping, please email, or send a DM via Instagram. You have the option of picking up your gems in person! You can pick up your gems anytime on Saturday, December 14th. If you want your items dropped off there will be a 3.00 additional fee!

Also, there will be another giveaway contest happening throughout the weekend from.

(Dec 20-Dec 22)!

To enter starting Friday December 22nd, you have to advertise Key To Fashion’s IG page on your story every. single. day! Only once a day though!

 Make sure to tag @keytofashion to your story!

This shouldn’t be hard, but for some people this may be quite difficult! It can be hard to remember to post the Key To Fashion IG platform on your story everyday, but you got this!✨

The people that do this consistently will be contacted, and rewarded on Monday December 23rd!

As always, thank you so much for supporting Key To Fashion. Not a day goes by that the support goes unnoticed!✨

Happy Holiday To You!


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