Happy October 1st!

To start this month off, Key To Fashion is introducing to you all, Offers to Likers!

Offers to Likers is a system that was first introduced to Key To Fashion, by a Selling app called Poshmark. Before selling on its own platform, the brand, was selling on Poshmark and on Ebay, before changing directions.

Offers to Likers, is a chance for you the customer, to send a lower price offer, based on the price that is already listed.

For example, let’s say there is a jacket on Key To Fashion that is 30 dollars, and you REALLY like it, but you want to send an offer for $25, because that is what you would like to pay.

Than you would either send an IG DM or email your offer. If things become too overwhelming regarding offers, than everyone will be asked to email.

Here is the catch: Key To Fashion has the option of denying your offer, if it is too low, or way below the brands standards. But 8 times out of 10, offers are accepted! 😊

At first there were only going to be 4 days out of this month that Offers for Likers would be promoted. But there is great news!

This promotion will be going on for the entire month of October!

To know immediately when these days will be, please subscribe to the email-list! The email list is a perfect way to be the first to get coupon codes, discounts and freebies. Those things will not be posted on the IG page.

Also, you can check out the Key To Fashion IG story, for more information!

Lastly, to all of you, that have been supporting Key To Fashion; thank you so much. Got a long way to go, but growth is what matters the most!

Once again, please continue to ask questions, or share your ideas. In addition, if you wish to collaborate with Key To Fashion, you can send a DM, but if it’s a long message, please send an email! (so you can really express yourself!)

Send A DM or Email @ Keytofashionn@gmail.com

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