It is vital, I mean VITAL that I thank each and everyone of you all, for your support during this difficult timeframe.

I know you all have been wondering why I have not been posting on Key To Fashion’s IG, especially since most of us are currently stuck in quarantine.

And to be transparent, it’s because my Instagram app will not allow me to post on my page, or on my story!

Even the online Instagram site, will not let me post images.

Really weird right?!

And I can’t go to T-mobile right now because …. we are stuck in a quarantine 🙃.

I guess this gives me time to

1) Take a little social media break

2) Engage with you all more on Instagram, versus solely posting on Instagram

3) Plan out my next steps for Key To Fashion!

These past few weeks, the support from you all, has really warmed my heart. So many of you all have willingly shared the page on your Instagram stories, engaged in rich conversations with me, followed the page and joined the community, and have purchased the flyest gems during this timeframe.

The reason why I thank you all so much, is because I don’t take ANY of this support for granted. I don’t.

You all have been amazing, and I’m excited to continue to support you all to be the Fashion Icons that you all aspire to be; and that I know you all can be!


I must mention that this is what I’m referring to you all as: Fashion Icons✨

Some people refer to their community as their gang, or their tribe, but I’m referring to you all as; Fashion Icons!

Not only is it powerful, but it’s exactly what I envision each and everyone of you all to be!

Fashion Icons, who have no problem with embracing their individuality!

If you have not checked out the latest blog posts on the site, definitely check them out!

I know that many of you all stated in the latest Resale Fashion Survey, that you would prefer vlogging over blogging, and I hear you all, and I also agree!

My personality is meant for vlogging, and anyone that has met my expressive self in person, can attest to this loll.

I’m simply being a perfectionist about it Icons, but if there is anything I learned about perfectionism, it hinders you, and it does not propel you!

With that being said, please take the time to read these blog posts, because I know that you all will positively benefit from them.

I will continue to consistently post content, and clothing, so please continue to check the site out!

To make things consistent, I will be posting new gems every Thursday. That way you all have an idea, of when new gems will arrive!

I appreciate each and everyone of you all, and as I been stating to you all, things will get better with time. Don’t allow this situation to make you feel as though, your year won’t be great, that you won’t be able to have some fun this year, or that your goals won’t come true.

Remain positive, because positive thoughts, manifest positive wishes, and vice versa!

Thank you so much Fashion Icons!✨


Key the creator of Key To Fashion✨

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