I’m officially 3 consecutive months into my blog journey! And I’m proud of myself, because we all know achieving consistency, can sometimes be easier said than done. But I believe it’s one of the most important aspect, of goal-setting. And if I want to see growth with my blog, than I have to be consistent.

I started my blog August 2nd, and we are now currently in November, just a few weeks shy of Thanksgiving. While I can say that these past three months, have definitely blown by. In the same breath, I can state that I have learned a lot within this short time. Many of the lessons I’ve acquired, have pushed me to re-evaluate and re-invent

1) the goal I set for the blog

2) the goals I set for my brand

3) and lastly, the goals I set for myself.

I have enjoyed several aspects of my blogging journey, but to be transparent, there are also some aspects that I haven’t enjoyed so much. In the end, the lessons I’ve learned from all these experiences, have helped redirect and shape my overall vision. I know I have a lot more to learn as a fashion blogger, and I’m excited for all that’s to come! But for right now, I want to be real, and share with you all, the 5 Lessons that I’ve learned, from this experience so far:

1) Blogging is NOT easy. The 80/20 rule matters!

I know it might appear to the outside world, that all bloggers do is write articles, or take beautiful pictures, but it takes a lot more effort than that. Bloggers typically do a lot of daily planning, researching, and marketing of their site and brand. As a lifestyle fashion blogger, I’m responsible for not only finding photographers to work with, scheduling my shoots, and planning the concept of my shoots. But I’m also responsible for staying consistent with my blog postings. For promoting my blog. For innovating ways to promote my blog. And for finding and implementing ways for it to grow.

At first when I started writing, I would write my blog postings, and only share them a few times. But I soon learned how important the 20/80 rule was for bloggers. Meaning you spend 20 percent of your time writing, and 80 percent of your time promoting. Within the first few weeks of blogging, it was the reverse for me.

I think this journey takes a lot of tenacity, but I live for challenges.

If this was easy, I wouldn’t want to do it anymore.


2) It’s Very Important to Focus on your Niche

This was something I knew going into this experience. But I think like many things in life, sometimes it takes you having to witness it, or experience it, for you to really understand the truth behind the message. My vision for the blog, was a lifestyle fashion blog, that would be split up into two main headers: Key to Fashion and Key Michel.

This split was designed, so that it would allow me to discuss fashion, style and resale fashion. While also being able to discuss personal growth, my adventures and experiences, and share upcoming videos and visuals. In the beginning of my journey, I knew I wanted to be a thrift blogger, and focus on budget-friendly fashion. But for some reason, I wondered if that was ” fashion blogger material”, (whatever the heck that means.).

It’s crazy the ridiculous thoughts we say to ourself, in the midst of some ridiculous self-doubt.

Following my niche, has given me a huge sense of direction and purpose. I know I want to get as many readers as I can into the resale fashion world, and I won’t stop until I grow a grand community.


3) Growing a community is my top priority

Honestly, this is my top top TOP priority for my blog. It is not about gaining followers, but about growing a positive, unified and powerful community. I crave that. And especially in these current difficult times that our country is facing, I’m so determined to form a community. I know it can be really annoying for readers of blogs, to see subscription adds up, or to get asked to subscribe to a blog numerous times. But in reality, all the blogger is trying to do is grow a community. I can see the vision, and one thing about me is when I see the vision, I need to fulfill it, or I will literally go crazy thinking about the idea, or the dream!

I’m currently planning a few propsective events, and workshops to unite with readers in person. So please subscribe below, to get further details! I know a lot of people have been asking me if I’m going to do another pop-up shop event, and the answer is yes! To give you all a small sneak peak on that, the event will most likely be in Pisces Season. So around late February- Mid March!

Either way, I’m excited for all that’s to come! The virtual world is cool and all, but I know it will be great to meet and connect with my readers in person.


4) It’s easy to fall into a social acceptance trap on Social Media, but don’t fall.

Before I started posting pictures for my blog in August, from March to August, I did not post any pictures on my instagram page. I wanted to wait until my blog was done, because I foreshadowed that I would be on instagram quite often. So I wanted to give my future self a break, although a small part of me also wanted to wait and hop back on IG with this surprise.

In the beginning stages, I had researched a lot about the importance of content, so I knew my content needed to reflect not only my brand, but my vision. Once I started posting, at first I was enjoying posting pictures, and promoting my brand.

But as time went on, I started to realize that I was subconsciously getting wrapped into this web of social acceptance, and I couldn’t stand it!

I didn’t like posting pictures, and feeling like my content worth was determined whether it was good or not, by how many likes I would receive! I remember I watched a video, where a blogger stated, hey if your content doesn’t get enough support, just delete it, it’s okay. There have been a few times where I’ve actually taken her advice and deleted content, that I personally REALLY liked, simply because of social acceptance. And anytime I would do that, a wave of anxiety would always come over me. Because I disliked the fact that I deleted something, that I personally liked, based on what other people thought about it.

It almost felt like control. And I ALWAYS want to feel free to do what I want to do, you know? I feel like everyone should, but that’s the tricky thing about social media man.

I definetly want my instagram postings to be supplemental to my brand. I don’t want them to be the primary thing that drives people to my blog. I have been thinking of starting a Key to Fashion youtube channel for sometime now. I think it would be a great way for me to really show my personality, while promoting great content!

Don’t get me wrong, Instagram has great perks and opportunities, but I don’t want to base my self-worth, or my brands worth in the hands of my IG followers. I want to make it clear to you all, that I appreciate all the support, and I will continue to appreciate the support. But I want to do feel free, to express myself, and do what I want to do.


5. Encourage people to read and subscribe, but you should always write for YOU. That’s the real way to keep the momentum going.

I have grown so much as a writer. And I have to thank this experience for contributing to my growth! Although a sista could get a little better on her proofreading game loll, I’ve become a lot quicker with writing. But most importantly I have really grown as a person. In my personal growth section, I have written and released information about a lot of things in my blog. Things that were dare to me, and very personal. But like I always say, vulnerability is strength. And I know I can be a very guarded person at times, well Ha, a lot of the time!

But whenever I’m vulnerable, I notice that amazing things happen. I grow from it, and I notice others benefit from it as well. And that means everything to me. I know my life’s mission is to not only to push myself forward, but other’s forward  as well. With everything that I do.

But if I was not writing for me first, than I wouldn’t be as motivated, to continue on with this journey, as I’m today.


So to readers, before I leave, I have one last last question for you all.

Why do you all read this blog?

What have you enjoyed so far?

And what suggestions, comments or ideas do you may have?

Also, make sure to subscribe to be the first to hear about upcoming contest, free giveaways, events, and more!

Thanks for reading everyone! And I hope you all have a great and productive day 😊



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